Lightbike Quick Review

Remember Tron? Of course you do! The 1980s classic starring Jeff Bridges helped further the use of computer graphics in movies, and dazzled with it’s super-intense “light bike” racing scenes. The original game took place with a simple over-the-top view, but LightBike tries to take the action to the 3D realm. It would be hard to pull off a fast game like this on a regular console, so unfortunately, it tends to hurt a bit on the iPhone.

img_0014The problem comes with the speed of the game in relation to the controls. It seems like turning relates to a pre-defined grid. As in, you don’t turn immediately when you press the turn button. But because you can’t see this “grid”, you don’t know exactly when the game will decide to turn you. This is frustrating for a game that should be based soley on quick reflexes. The wifi and split screen multiplayer work quite well though.

Presentation & Graphics

3D graphics are acceptable, but not amazing. No variety though, and the background really could have gone with a more Tron-like theme. The framerate is smooth though, even in split screen!

Good clear sound effects, and energetic music.


Very hard to play accurately,unless you stare at the overhead view… in which case it kind of defeats the purpose of the 3D gameplay! If there was an option to see the entire play field at an angle, that could actually make things more workable. Unfortunately, the inaccuracy of the controls makes things frustrating for such a fast-paced game using a behind-the-bike view.


Wifi and split screen normally save a game, but it simply doesn’t entertain for very long. There’s no variety at all. One mode of play, whether it’s with a friend or not.

Game Rating

LightBike is a cool little game if you’re a Tron fan. Unfortunately, if you don’t quite get the source material, you’ll find the difficult gameplay more frustrating than entertaining. The split-screen and wifi play work well though, and provide for brief spurts of entertainment. This game really could use different arenas, a “career mode”, and other options to make it more appealing to play more, but for now, it’s still solid for the movie game it’s emulating!

LightBike ($0.99)

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