Liberty Boom review

Liberty boom is the latest game by Magnate Interactive. This is a fast-paced little game with some crisp 2d graphics and great sound. The whole concept of this game is making fireworks explode. When you first start the game, you may notice that it is very much like the Xbox live game, Boom Boom Rocket.

Ok on with the review. The goal of this game is very simple, get as many points as you can. This goal is achieved by getting the fireworks as close to the bar on the top of the screen then blowing them up. However, it adds a layer of difficulty, as you must not go over the bar and you have avoid many different kinds of aircrafts trying to get in your way.

lib-boom2This brings me to my first gripe about the game, from what I can tell there is no way to avoid the aircraft without having to ignite your fireworks before it hits the planes, resulting in less points. the “how to play” section in the main menu says that you can tilt your iphone left and right to change the speed of the aircraft, but I found I had little luck with this strategy.

My other compliant about this game is that the difficulty balance is way off. The game starts of very easy but within a few levels, is incredibly hard.

Good animation on the fireworks and planes and the presentation in the menus were top-notch.

There are some quality music and sound effects including explosions, engine sounds, and some occasional voice acting.

This is where the game fails, it has some problems that will keep some people from playing it more than once.

There are many levels in this game but they are so quick that you will burn through them very fast. And after you finish there is no extra features or extra levels, so once your done, your done.

Final score:

In conclusion, this is a fun pick up and play game with high replay value, but the shortcomings listed above keep it from staying on your home screen for very long. Liberty Boom is out now for $0.99

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