Let ‘em Ride Pro Quick Review

Baccarat Pro not only impressed me, but taught me a new card game I’d never heard of. Looks like this is the constant goal of Avalinx, as Let ‘em Ride Pro did the exact same thing! Although it may not be the most exciting version of poker, Let ‘em Ride Pro is excellent in every sense of the word.

Presentation & Graphics

Can’t ask for much more from a card game. The entire game drips of polish when it comes to the look and feel, along with gameplay.


Not overdone, but appropriate. High quality FX. No music.


Extremely slick gameplay, with some very clear rules and tips on how to play. Built in “ask dealer” option will help out newer players

Game life:

Local leaderboard for biggest cashouts, 3 different tables to choose from (for higher buy-ins), and ongoing statistics won’t necessarily keep you coming back for a long time, but if you’re into this kind of game, it’s as good as it gets, and easy to pick up and play.

Game rating:


Final word:
With the “Pro” series of card games, I’ve come to expect excellence from Avalinx, and you should too. They make a fine game that’s both gentle on new comers, but deep enough for hardcore fans of casino card games. Let ‘em Ride Pro will not dissappoint for card game lovers out there looking for a new challenge!

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  • Jay

    ooh a game I’ve never heard of

  • iPGN-Matt

    Yeah it’s actually pretty fun when you start playing, but it’s more luck than most any other poker games I’ve played. My winning percentage was around 25%.

  • Blank Fax Cover Sheet %0A

    i would really love to play card games, it is also a very addictive game *”"