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Indiana Jones used his whip, agility and lack of fear to collect treasure in ancient temples. In Last Temple you are the one collecting the treasure using your finger sitting down with a fear of not beating the level. Indy might fall down a pit, and being bitten by a poisonous snake. You on the other hand might get completely addicted to the match three puzzle action.

In Last Temple you have to clear the underlying board by making matches of at least three. The controls are simple, and you just drag your finger around to make continuous matches. As you release your finger the matches disappear, and new symbols fall down from above. I have seen this gameplay model before in both a relaxing style, and a timed style. Last Temple leans towards the faster pace with timed levels, and even some nifty ruby collecting at the end of levels.

img_3330Last Temple takes a formula already tried by games such as Paradise Quest and Heroes of Kalevala. It gives it a great polish, and add some new aspects. Powerups, locked blocks and cool effects have all been seen before. What I haven’t seen before is the collection phase ending the levels. This lets you tap rubies before they fall off the screen. These rubies aren’t just for show, but are used to unlock challenge levels. Another new aspect is the darkness in some levels that forces you to make matches with limited lighting. I found this to be a quite fun addition, as it adds some extra challenge.

The presentation in Last Temple is really good with great graphical effects for clearing matches, and setting off powerups. The music is soft bordering between ambient and tribal. You can play your own music instead to better suit some of the faster levels.

img_3323Game life is solid with 72 campaign levels, and 72 challenge levels. As you might have to either grind or purchase rubies as IAP the game doesn’t automatically provide the challenge levels. Online connectivity through both Game Center and OpenFeint is great.

Last Temple is a solid match three puzzler that makes up for the lack of uniqueness with great polish. It is both relaxing, and engaging to play. You can play just to clear the brain, or to go for some massive scores. The game is loaded with content, and you can get a hefty game life out of the dollar you invest.

Final Rating


Last Temple $0.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Ganymede Sp z o o.

Last Temple Lite

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  • AnotherTim

    Torbjorn, have you never played Azkend? This game is so close to it you’d think it was made by 10 Tons Ltd. Good game, but I don’t see much reason to pick it up unless you want more Azkend. I prefer Dungeon Raid, with its similar mechanic but much more involved and original gameplay.