Kung Fu Rabbit Review

The Kung Fu rabbit, who knows no Kung Fu.

I would argue – quite reasonably in my opinion – that if a game has the words ‘Kung-Fu’ in the title, then at some point during it, Kung-Fu should be involved. However in the new iphone platformer Kung-Fu Rabbit, your nimble bunny displays no such talents. Instead he seems quite content to adhere to the tried and tested tropes of platformer gaming. Namely, platforming.

Perhaps my expectations are too high. Whatever. Kung Fu Rabbit sees you controlling a rabbit (at least they didn’t lie to me about that), who has to rescue his students after a Universal Evil steals them from his dojo. Goodness knows just what this Universal Evil is. Perhaps they’re talking about Starbucks.

It’s a basic platformer: easy to pick up and understand, with nothing out of the ordinary to stump you. There are circa 60 levels across the multiple worlds, and you must hop across obstacles and climb up walls to get to your student trapped on the other side of the stage, although you can just leave them and explore if you want, which is quite funny. Most levels tend to be on the short side, which is either a great thing if your train is five minutes away, or terrible news if you thought you were downloading an RPG with 739 character levels.

Collecting carrots enables you to use them as currency in the de-riguer game shop, complete with option to purchase more carrots through IAP. You can use carrots to purchase csotumes and power ups such as checkpoints and weapons. If only I could walk into my local newsagent and do the same. This, my friends, is why videogames are better than real life.

The controls are ho-hum. They work ok, but the level of accuracy needed to successfully land on some of the floating platforms is sometimes a little too precise for the regular human thumb. Unless you bought this game because you like throwing rabbits into pits of lava, in which case I’d suggest you stop reading this review and seek help.

Sound effects are neat, with the theme tune displaying a kind of martial-arts whimsy, if that even makes sense. Graphics are cure, sharp and the game has a good level of polish overall.

So much for the Kung-Fu then, they really should’ve called this game ‘Jumps On Platforms and Climbs Walls Rabbit ‘. I’ll wait patiently for the game that combines bunnies and martial arts then. Perhaps the upcoming ‘Warrior Rabbit: Shogun Master’* will deliver.


Kung Fu Rabbit is out now as a universal app for $0.99. Get it on the Kung Fu Rabbit - Bulkypix

*Game does not exist.

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  • Mozy4L3

    This game is really fun, I don’t know so many that have really difficult to beat levels!!