Kubxlab Ampjacket iPhone 5/5S case review

Now you can annoy your fellow passengers on the train without draining your battery.

I really appreciate innovation, and the Kubxlab Ampjacket is certainly an innovative product. The iPhone 5/5S is quite loud, but if you want to show a video or play some music to your mates it tends to fall short. The Ampjacket is an alternative solution to having to carry around speakers, or an earphone splitter. What the Ampjacket offers is passive amplification by creating a larger space for the sound to grow. Having a passive solution means that you don’t have any extra battery drain that you get from using a Bluetooth speaker for example.

The effect is certainly noticeable adding about double the output in decibel at full volume. As for sound quality it remains good to about 75% of the volume of the iPhone output. If you crank it to full distortion starts to emerge, and it doesn’t get all that pleasant. Bass isn’t enhanced, and if you want to use the Ampjacket to get a thumping bass you will get disappointed. It works better for metal, jazz and pop than for hip hop and dubstep.

The fit of the case is perfect, and once on it is actually quite a hassle to pry the iPhone out of it. That means that it isn’t ideal if you just want to slap it on for the occasions where you need some extra amplification. For protection it covers the back, and sides completely. If dropped on the back it can cope with quite hefty impacts. The screen is not covered at all, and I would have liked at least a small lip around the edge of the screen.

It is not the most practical case, as it does add an extreme amount of bulk to the phone. It more than doubles the thickness, but the shape still means that it can slide easily in and out of pockets.

The Kubxlab Ampjacket is a niche product for those in need of having their iPhone amplified in their daily usage. Not the most practical, and definitely adding a lot of bulk it isn´t for everyone. And definitely not for everyone getting disturbed by you playing your tunes.

Final Rating


Kubxlab Ampjacket at $33.49

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