Kolo’s Journey Quick Review

When Simon Says meets Touch Touch Revenge, we get Kolo’s Journey.

We all love Simon Says. No matter how old we get, it never gets boring; it is a simple, yet addictive memory game. We all love music as well, it is within us. So what happens if you mix both of them up? Well, that’s exactly what Trey Smith asked himself and that is how Kolo’s Journey came into fruition.

In Kolo’s Journey the objective is pretty simple: to copy the beat patterns as close as you can. To do this you will notice either two or more beat markers at the bottom of the screen along a line representing the musical loop. Much like Tap Tap a small light passes along this line and through the beat markers. This is the moment where you memorizes the sequence. From there the light will go through the line once again and this time you will need to press the corresponding buttons at the right moment. The idea is that you will need to hit the same sequence that was lit up in the loop before, and not only that but also do it in the same rhythm that it was shown to you. That and the fact that you are basically creating the new parts to build a complete song as you do these sequences, are aspects of Kolo’s Journey that differentiate it from classic Simon Says… that and the cute character dancing to euro-techno beats!

It is a very simple game, yet it can be addictive and pretty challenging at times. If you are looking for a fun memory game that uses some toe-tapping music along with it, you may want to check this one out for only $0.99. Kolo's Journey - Super Addictive! - Trey Smith


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