Knights Onrush Review

MoreGames Entertainment, creators of iDracula and Orions, have come up with another iPhone masterpiece, Knights Onrush. At first glance it seems a lot like Defend your Castle which got a 4 star review from yours truly a few months ago. Like DYC Knights Onrush pits you against waves on enemies trying to invade, however Knights Onrush really takes the Genre to the next level. But, does it surpass DYC’s glory?

knights_screen_big_08Knights Onrush gives you an option of 3 play modes: Campaign, Endless Siege, and Madness. Endless Siege are pretty similar. In Endless Siege you get enemies showing up every day tyring to tear down your caslte door, and every day you try to thwart them by smashing, burning, tossing, freezing, shooting or sacrificing your enemies. As you go you earn money for each death (I guess you sell of their armor or something) and souls for those you sacrifice. At the end of the day you can save, or spend your hard earned money and souls to upgrade your castle or buy new implements of mass murder. Madness works exactly the same way except that it starts out impossibly hard, so instead of having a long campaign that may lasts months, you will be lucky to make it a day.

knights_screen_big_01Campaign mode the first thing you notice (besides the beautiful graphics) that really make the game stand out. Instead of just fighting off an onslaught of enemies you have “themed” missions. These require you to last a specific number of days agaisnt a certain type of enemy. Like on level 3 you face of against marching waves of  knights and cavalry. On level 2 you fight just cavalry, but the level starts out with 3 fireballs all equipped and ready to go. These campaigns do several things for the game. First, unlike other games of the genre, it give you an ending. After a certain campaign, or after you have beaten all of them your campaign is over and you have succeeded, instead of just playing until you just can’t win anymore. Another thing it adds is a wonderful way to ease into the game and learn how to play. It introduces the concepts of different types of soldiers and attacks gently so you don’t feel frustrated trying to figure out the game.

The Good

knights_screen_big_03There are 11 enemy types with different abilities creating a lot of variety in the game. Not only do they have different attacks but they are defeated differently. For example the cavalry guys are heavy requiring a vigorous movement to toss them high enough to kill, while light mages just go sailing with a small toss. Some enemies will explode if you slam them on the ground and bomb carriers will drop their bombs when you pick them up, making their cargo explode. The enemies also have different speeds and different attacks so you really need to use a lot of strategy to defeat them.

To help defend against the hordes you are able to purchase a grand array of items. This includes standard fare like stronger doors, and non-standard items like fireballs, sacrificial pits, guns, giant pillars and more. The offensive weapons are fun and keep the game interesting.

knights_screen_big_09Moregames Entertainment has consistently served up top class art in their games, and Knights Onrush is no exception. The style is beautiful and silly. The background is highly detailed and colorful with many different backdrops. The enemies are stylized and fun with a lot of visual diversity. There are cool glows and soft faded effects. The animations are well thought out. I love watching the soldiers split open when they fall to the ground, no detail goes overlooked.

The Bad

Knights Onrush only has 12 levels in it’s campaign mode. Granted the levels do offer a good challenge and good escalation, but it’s still a little short. If your comparing it to other games of the genre, however, who don’t even have a campaign mode it’s easy to see that Knights Onrush stands out.

knights_screen_big_04Knights onrush is also a bit harder than others in the genre. While for some this will be good news, for others they may find that they will never be able to finish all the campaigns.

The Bottom Line

Knights Onrush is an outstanding example of what is fun in a castle defense game. With open feint integration, beautifully drawn graphics, fun game play, and 3 game modes, you can’t really go wrong with Knights Onrush.

Presentation & Graphics
What can I say? I’m a sucker for good hand-drawn graphics. The detail and color in Knights Onrush is eye-popping

The sound is standard, and good. Some of the sound effects get really repetitive, but Knights Onrush earns extra points for allowing you to play your own music.

Phenomenal game play with a totally new campaign mode. More enemies, more weapons, mean you need to employ more strategy to get through this game.

With the addition of global leader boards and the promise of new levels Knights Onrush will give you more fun for the buck than any other castle defense game.

Game Rating – Editor’s Choice
Knights Onrush is sitting comfortably in my top 10 games list. I think it will be one of your favorites too.

Knights Onrush $.99 (Currently on sale from $4.99)

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