Knights of the Old Republic Review

A great way to play a classic Star Wars RPG

Peering back into my childhood gaming past, back into the endless weekends and summers where games could be played for days on end, Knights of the Old Republic stands out as both one of my favorite Star Wars and role playing games. I am sure the fact that I played this game during my first year of high school mortifies some of our older readers, and I am also sure that Knights of the Old Republic seems like ancient history to some of you as well. KOTOR is a game that should be experienced by all generations of gamers, and I am very excited that this iPad port has the potential to introduce this outstanding experience to an entirely new audience.

Those of you who have played and loved KOTOR, you can rest assured that the iPad version does a reasonably good job of transitioning the controls to the iPad’s touchscreen. The game runs smoothly, and the interface is simple to navigate. Likewise, those of you who did not appreciate the game the first time around will find little new to experience in this version.

Of course, many of you won’t know what Knights of the Old Republic is, and in some ways I envy you. This game is a brilliant integration of the Star War universe and Dungeons and Dragons role playing mechanics. While the game plays out in real time, each attack is “rolled” against a number to determine one’s success. The player can pause at any time to choose their next sequence of attacks, and the player also has control of each character in their party. Think Dragon Age, but Star Wars.

Like Dragon Age, KOTOR features an abundance of voice acting (a much more impressive feat back in 2003 at its initial release). The game’s story is involving, and the player feels as if their choices have real weight in the world. I have found myself choosing to punish an in game character because they came across as genuinely detestable, while this unfortunately also has a bearing on the character’s progression it also serves to highlight just how engrossing the story content is in Knights of the Old Republic.

Events within Knighs of the Old Republic are set thousands of years before ‘A New Hope’ and deal with an ancient struggle between Jedi and Sith. The game’s story arc has the player encounter a wide variety of characters, several of which can join your party as playable combatants, and ultimately the player is thrust straight into a battle between good an evil with galactic ramifications. I love the interaction that additional player controlled characters bring, especially the droid. The role playing elements are adapted well to the Star Wars universe, with abilities and weapons familiar to those who have watched the films. However, don’t think you will jump straight into the game as a Jedi, you’ll have to schlep around with a vibro-blade for quite some time before carrying a lightsaber. The player will also visit quite a few familiar Star Wars locales, including Dantooine (the location of the famed rebel base).

I don’t want to say much about KOTOR. It is largely a known entity, and for those of you who are familiar with the game and want to play again should definitely consider this version. Those of you not in the know, I hope that this brief rundown of the game was enough to entice Star Wars and D&D fans. Knights of the Old Republic is a game that any fan of Western RPGs should give a chance.

Final Score: 


KOTOR is available for $9.99 for iPads 2nd generation and up. I tested this game on a 4th gen iPad.

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