Kingdom Rush review

Do we really have to kill the goblins when they are so darn cute?

There are so many tower defense games out there, and we have covered dozens here at TouchGen. At times we still miss a gem or two, and I have to be honest that I didn’t jump out of my chair when I first heard about Kingdom Rush. The iPad version was released late in the winter of 2011, and gathered quite a lot of attention: both from critics, and players. When a iPhone version was announced it felt like a great place to start the relationship with Kingdom Rush. Tower defence games are quite perfect for the small screen in my opinion. Giving up screen estate for portability is ok for a certain type of game.

Kingdom Rush is a set path tower defence game that follows along the basic formula of the genre. What sets it apart are the cute art style, the close up interaction with troops and sheer volume of content. Building towers at set locations limits the amount of towers available, and every decision have to be done with care. Finding the optimal way to maximize damage between towers while making sure that the enemy suffers the attack for as long as possible is key. The basic towers expected in a strategy game set in a fantasy medieval theme are there: archers, soldiers, mages and catapults. There are also eight more specialized towers that can change the tide of war depending on how, and when you use them.

The enemy consists of almost any creature you have seen in the lore of Tolkien, Grimm and Shrek. They are really cute up close, and at times it feels sad to kill them. The kingdom is under attack, and Orcs don’t mix too well with the fair damsels within the gates.

At first the lack of a fast forward button bothered me immensely, but that is only a problem during the first easy levels. Once the game gets going there are so many instant powers to use that would be missed if the game ran faster. Hurling fireballs, or bombs for example has to be done with some sense of precision.

Between levels you get to upgrade the tower abilities using stars earned. This gives the game extra depth, and also an incentive to replay levels for getting the three stars on offer.

Kingdom Rush is a fun tower defence rewarding strategy both when setting up the levels, and during the actual defending. The cute presentation is great, and gives further enjoyment. When the game opens up with heroes, and more tower combinations than I can keep track of it turns into one of the most complex tower defence games available. Definitely recommended for the strategy fan.

Final Rating


Kingdom Rush $0.99 iPhone version
Version: 1.1
Seller: Armor Games Inc

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