King Fish Review

King Fish is a peaceful game filled with soothing music, beautiful scenery, and a whole lot of fish feasting on other fish. It’s a fun little time killer, however it is rather short. There are only 2o levels, and you can not choose which level to play after beating it. The extent of the replay value for this game is playing through all twenty levels to get a higher final score.

In King Fish, you use the accelerometer to control your little fish to gobble up smaller fish, and after eating enough you will grow and be able to eat larger aquatic swimmers. Each level consists of your guppy and other fish, clams, and bubbles to eat. there are powerups you can gobble, such as a fishing lure, which will lure all bigger fish away from you, ¬†giving you free reign for a bit, or poison fish, which reverse your controls. I wish there was more then only accelerometer control, as I tend to play games like this in bed at night, and the accelerometer doesn’t seem to work right if the device is vertical.Where's Nemo?

The music in King Fish is soothing, what you might expect to hear while floating underwater, but other then the splash at the beginning of a level and the gulping of eating other fish, there’s not much in the way of sound.

Gameplay is fairly repetitive, however once you get to a certain point, you get to dark levels, where you can only see so far, and must get little lightbulb powerups to see more. Unfortunately, that’s about the most variety you get in the way of levels. Powerups and Poisonfishies are fun to catch/avoid, but the game still feels quite shallow.

Presentation & Graphics
Graphics are clean and pretty. The game runs quite smoothly, and there were never any hicups while I played.

Background music was soothing and fitting, but other then that there was little in the way of sound effects. Just gulping and a little splashing.

The only control scheme is accelerometer and it doesn’t work well if the device is vertical. simple controls, but I found it to be occasionally buggy if I tilted too far

Very little gamelife, once you beat the 20 levels there is not much to do.

Game Rating


King Fish is a pleasant little game, and might occupy you for a little while but there is little to do once you play through it once, and I got bored about half way through the levels. Fortunately, the creators are not charging much, and with rising game costs, .99 is decent for a game like this. Consider it if you have little kids or are entertained by fishies for short periods of time.

King Fish – $.99

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