King Cashing: Slots Adventure review

Playing games is good for, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A prime example is King Cashing that was inspired by a combination of games in Game Dev Story. Talk about a Meta world when creating a new game in a game spawns the real life creation of that same game. Perhaps we will se more games created in Game Dev Story turn out to be new unique titles in the App Store.

King Cashing mixes slots machine gameplay with RPG elements. A battle is fought between you, and a foul beast. A slot machine is your weapon of choice, and the slots aspect is called pashislo meaning you can stop the slots at any time. Each round starts with you betting all, and then you can either press the button again to stop all three reels. You can also stop the reels individually, and increase your chances of successful attacks. There is still a huge portion of luck involved though.

cash4The first reel is your soldier/archer/mage slot, the second is for weapons and the third is the beast. You have to line up an attacker, and or weapon with a beast to do a successful attack. Besides these characters there are experience, and money bonuses in the reels.

A battle goes on until you either bring the health of the beast down to zero, or you run out of cherries to bet. After a win you get gold, experience and the occasional bonus chest with an item. The RPG elements are divided into two aspects: levelling up, and equipment. Once you level up you can select to have more cherries at the start of a level, or to upgrade the attack points of your units. Equipment is gained from winning chests, and by buying new stuff in the shop. There is quite a lot of strategy involved in maximizing either your damage done, gold gained, experience gained, chests gained or chance of hitting the opponent.

c2The game progression is shown by you moving across the map fighting a wide variety of enemies constituting more or less every fantasy creature known to man. Enemies get harder by adding more hit points, different immunities and other limitations to your attacks. You can replay earlier enemies to improve your scores and gain more experience and money. Levels are graded in completed, bronze, silver and gold. It is not clear however what the requirements are for each level. The quicker you dispose of an enemy the better you score.

The presentation in King Cashing is not that eye-catching, and it could do with more polish. Basically the game only consists of the slot machine screen, the shop/gear screen and the map screen. There are no battle animations, or anything that really differentiates it from an actual slot machine app with a new skin. The game tries to be somewhere between pixel art, and drawn images but it doesn’t translate well to the screen. The music on the other hand is really good with a chiptune take on adventure music.

c3King Cashing can be played, and replayed for hours on end with 50 monsters to take on. Game Center integration with 45 achievements further enhances the value. As of now there is no multiplayer, and I am not sure how that would work. For some reason I think it should have been cool with some sort of multiplayer where one player is beast, and one is hero.

King Cashing is a great way to spend time, and it can be really exciting at the end of battles. At times the fact that it is a slot machine shines through, and then it feels all random and no skill. The game also suffers from being repetitive, and you need to be interested in the RPG elements to play it further. With these concerns in mind it is still easy to recommend King Cashing, as a fun mix of genres that works well.

Final Rating


King Cashing: Slots Adventure $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Productions Multimage Inc.

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  • Luke

    I love this game, and couldn’t stop playing it until I beat it… then I played it through again to lessen my days to complete time. Great mix of RPG and casual.

    I did notice in my second play though that the slots aren’t that random. Even though they are spinning quite fast, you can pick up on the pattern and can time your stops. I found this very helpful in defeating the side quests where the enemy only shows up once every 20 misses.

  • Quickmix

    I love this Game!