King Cashing 2 review

I bow down to you King Cashing, oh lord of the reels.

King Cashing 2 tells a story of zombies, deceit and a king not stopping for anything to get his wishes done. A slot machine game with zombies, and a coherent funny story might sound weird. But that is just the nature of this game; it doesn’t adhere to ordinary mortal rules. For one it completely ignores the idea that a sequel usually is rubbish.

In retrospect I was too hard on the original merely giving it a good 3.5 rating. Sure the basic game is a slot machine, but considering how much time I spent with it and how rewarding each victory felt it deserved more. Aspects I didn’t scrutinize were the presentation that I found to be perfectly suitable for the gaming experience. Looking at the sequel I can just say wow. The developers have managed to pull an Apple on me by giving me something I didn’t know I really wanted. Now just looking at the original feels like travelling back in time. The leap is huge.

The gameplay is still the same perfect blend of chance slot machinery, and RPG elements that made me spend hours slaying monsters in the original. If you stop the reels individually you can affect the gameplay to some extent, if your timing is really spot on. It is more important though to find a balance between high attack points, and frequent appearances on the reels. Just going for weapons, and fighters with high attack, and low frequency makes the reels quite barren. It is also better to align a fighter with a weapon to get the best possible outcome.

A quick recap of the gameplay: three reels are spun. The first two to the left are your attack, and the one on the right is the enemy. To attack you have to align weapons, or fighters with the enemy otherwise nothing happens. If you get a fighter with a preferred weapon aligned the damage will be significantly higher. There are also some bonuses such as money, cherries and experience to be found on the reels.

A game ends when either you run out of cherries that represent the number of spins you can make, or the enemy is slain by obliterating the health points. After a bout you get loot, experience and money. Money can be used to buy new items in the store.

The equip screen allows you to select fighters, weapons and bonus items. The value reflects the attack, and frequency something appears. There are also special items that can help by giving bonus turns, more frequent appearances from certain fighters. Whn you level up you can choose to get more cherries, upgrade a unit or get better luck with loot.

What makes King Cashing 2 brilliant is the level design. It is presented in the shape of a comic book with chapters. Each fight is a strip, and you get the most immersive level system I have ever seen. This is creative, fresh and unique.

The presentation overall is stellar with a lot of fun characters drawn to look like cartoon characters. The music, and sound effects are there playing a small support role.

We don’t hand out many perfect ratings at TouchGen. I have personally reviewed about a thousand games, and given less than ten of those a five star rating. King Cashing 2 improves on the original in ways I couldn’t even imagine, and takes the formula into a completely new realm. This is the kind of game that you can play for hours without knowing it, or just as well play for five minutes on the bus. No matter how, and when you play it you will have a great time.

Final Rating


King Cashing 2 is out in the wild now, grab it!

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  • Jean-Simon Bolduc

    Thanks Torbjorn for this wonderful review! You definitively made our day! We are really happy that you liked the game. Merci beaucoup! :)

  • Atreyu Zelda

    Buy it now plain and Simple, based on chance and simpler but similar to Puzzle Quest. If you like it you may like Dungeon Plunder as well.