Kil-A-Ton Quick Review

Do you remember the old games in which you would command a tank and controlling the fire power and angle, would try to blow up the enemy tanks before they destroyed you. Kil-A-Ton was a blast from the past, as well as some fun additional weapons to purchase. They range from miniguns, to bigger shells, to multi-rockets, to nukes. Each serves a distinct and needed function on the battlefield. Each game is a series of rounds, between which you can purchase new gear, both offensive and defensive. The game’s AI has a pretty good range of difficulty, from the starter levels only hitting you one in every 10 or so times, to the latter levels every shot a hit. The game has lasted me a pretty long time, because along with the levels there are also free for all modes for you to blast away at. As of the last update the game devs added about 7 new items to purchase, which added a new level of spice to the game. One thing I’m glad they have in here was an online multiplayer mode. This adds a whole new level to the game, and works quite well. Bombs away!!!

Presentation & Graphics
Blast from the past tank game, with some nice graphical improvements as far as weapons and explosions go

It’s a tank game. We’ve got explosions, gunfire, and jets. Ominous background music fits the game


Easy to learn, fairly easy to master after a few rounds.


Plenty of missions to play, and combined with multiplayer and free for all modes, it will keep you entertained for a while

Game Rating


Kil-A-Ton is a fun tank game that has a LOT of variety in your available weapons. If they were to add some true story mode or some kind of objective based missions, it would make single player much more interesting. Multiplayer is a big plus, and in my experience it is quite stable. Kil-A-Ton is a fun game that will keep you entertained, but don’t expect a whole lot of depth from it.

Kil-A-Ton $2.99

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  • BBK357

    totally agree, this is an awesome game. im not even a big strategy nerd but this game had me hooked for a while. Worms is way more in depth, but this is still cool and has a gritty war style.

  • Dan

    I also like this game, and the latest update added wind.

  • DotMatrixDesign


    Thanks for the quick review of our game KIL.A.TON.

    KIL.A.TON actually has a very robust online component with a lobby, stat tracking, multiple rankings, and occasional tournaments. This works over Edge, 3G, and WiFi. We don’t support bluetooth, but we’ll look into that for a future update.

    As Dan mentions above, Wind was added as a new game option in our recent 1.1 update (along with a lot of other changes and additions).

    1.2 is in the works and should be ready for submission soon.

  • Justin Grubbs

    You’re right about the wind and online. I’ve had this review saved on my computer for a while now and forgot to upload it to the site till the other day. Unfortunately it wasn’t updated with the stuff from recent updates, and the absence of online lobby is my bad. I have updated the quick review with recent content ratings

  • http://N/A Mike

    This GAME ROCKS, Ishoot sold 600,000 downloads for the developers, and this game is EVERYTHING Ishoot should of been, its got the perfect slickest interface, and the most robust MULTIPLAYER battles and interaction of ANY Iphone game.

    I don’t know why apple didn’t feature it and push it into the top 50 it so deserves it. Right now only 10-20 people only at peak times it should be 100′s if only they could get more press for the game.

    I swear multiplayer games like this and “Galcon labs” and other good multiplayer games deserve more press and higher ratings, they have so much more longevity for play than the simple single player games.