Kids vs. Zombies review

It all looks pretty bleak being surrounded by zombies hell bent on eating your brains. Should you just lie down and die a coward or should you fight back like Will Smith in Independence Day? Yeah baby you do it the Will Smith way fighting for freedom and all that is worth fighting for.

But there is no Will Smith to save the day in this game instead you get three kids to defend the insides of their skulls by themselves. Scarlett is a long range specialist using a slingshot. Marcus the jock uses machine gun and shotgun at close range for maximum carnage. Finally there is Dexter the geek who uses demolitions gizmos with blast radius damage.

Kids vs. Zombies is a barricade survival game where you have to defend your barricade against waves of zombies, bigger zombies and zombie dogs. A wave is attacking each night and ends at dawn. The wave starts out with flashlights fully charged but slowly darkness falls and the zombies get closer until you see them. As dawn comes closer the darkness is chased away and the last straggling zombies are really easy to hit.

After surviving a night you get to upgrade your weapons and fortification.img_0073 The kids have one main weapon each and a special weapon you can buy as well as scopes helping you to aim. You should get the laser sight for Scarlett as soon as you can as her aiming is truly improved then. Getting better IQ for your mates is good to get them to shoot more often. I don’t know if there is any way to get more cash to spend on upgrades, the game lets me know accuracy but I don´t see any bonus for getting a better hit ratio.

At heart the game is about surviving and once you complete it you get to the empty high score list. Would want to see some score to know whether my scores are good or not, really have no clue on what the game scores me on. You can choose to sit back using Marcus up close at times while Scarlett and Dexter kill most zombies from a distance. The game is perfect to play in small portions of one or two waves at a time, trying to play more than that gets quite tedious. To keep it a bit fresh your kids tend to run off looking for batteries and stuff that means that all of a sudden your sniper Scarlett is missing. This forces you to upgrade all of the kid’s weapons otherwise you will have a hard time if you have upgraded only one of them. img_0075

Presentation & Graphics


Not a strong aspect of the game as character models look low resolution and the animations of the zombies are really simple not giving the impression of movement. When dead the zombies disappear without leaving a trace of blood or anything. It is often really dark and that is a part of the game mechanic but to me it becomes a bit boring shooting into the darkness to mow down the zombies. I like the cartoon city outline in the background though.



No music while defending your barricade but suitable sound effects of grunting zombies and gunfire. I would have loved some kind of metal track when shooting zombies as it feels unfinished just hearing snarls and grunts while playing. An ambient horror inspired track is played during menus and I really find it fitting the theme perfectly.



You tap one of the three kids to choose them. Marcus fires as soon as you touch him while Scarlett and Dexter wait until you release them to fire. Easy controls that works really well. You can also tilt the iPhone to get easier shots of at enemies up close. It is good fun in shorter gaming sessions and I find myself going back to play that extra wave giving me the cash to get another weapon upgrade.



I have finished the game on easy so far and that featured 40 waves and took me about 2 hours in toimg_0074tal. Currently aiming to finish the game on medium to see if there are more waves and twists to events. Four difficulties available and if you aim to complete it on nightmare you get a lot of game time out of it. No online scoring and the fact that it is hard to understand how to get a higher score I feel that this is better to play as a survival game where you aim to complete it on the different difficulties than a high score chaser. I don’t think this is a game I will play again once I finish it on hard, nightmare seems too hard for me, I am no action hero.
Game Rating

Fun game with some graphical limitations, I recommend that you try the lite version first.

Kids vs. Zombies

Kids vs. Zombies lite

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    Looks good


    More Zomibie games for the iphone. Dvelopers, think of something new!! :(

  • Jake Lee

    Its a cash in on Left 4 Dead- Just like Ninjas just before L4D. I think it will be Dragons next…. lol

  • Jay

    Haha, Zombies were famous ever since Resident Evil and House of Dead

  • Jake Lee

    Yes they have- but the mass “outbrake” of zombie games happened when Left 4 Dead came out. Zombie Mods for PC games date back to Doom, so 1993 a little before Res Evil. We all know Zombies, Ninjas, spacemen- are all geeky love toys.

  • O Glez

    Racoon Pinball……