Kid Vector review

What the heck is a vector anyway?

The vector character from Blast Ball is back, and now we finally get to know his name: Kid Vector. As characters go there isn’t much to Kid Vector, and only a cap sets him apart. What gives him character though is the world he lives in. Everything is drawn using old-school vector graphics. Shapes, lines and Kid Vector himself all vibrate with color. This is trippy stuff, and it looks absolutely stunning in motion.

Kid Vector is a platformer set in 2.5 dimensional universe. The .5 means that there is some depth added by using vectors in a tridimensional way, and having shadows enhancing the effect. For gameplay there is nothing that sets it apart from the ordinary side-scrolling 2 dimensional platformer. It does look neat though in a kind of Edge type of way.

The platforming is hard with wicked jumps, hard to avoid obstacles and collapsing floors. The controls are simple with just movement buttons for left, and right and a jump button. Easy to get into, but not that complex in the long run making it suffer slightly. The classics like Super Mario Bros had different kinds of jumps such as wall jumps. Kid Vector has none of that, and is restricted to a single, and a double jump.

There are no power ups, or weapons for Kid Vector to pick up and use. This also limits the appeal, and personality of the game. Overall the world of Kid Vector is quite lonely with just the odd UFO, and space worm making appearances. It is hard not to ponder if there is any reason to Kid Vector jumping around at all. The story is not explained, and I would have liked to get more information about a character now starring in two games.

Finding all coins, the secret star to each level and making speed runs is what Kid Vector is aimed at. I found it a bit of a shame that developer Uncade went down this already quite crowded route with greats like Mos Speedrun, and Commander Pixman. Sure I do enjoy myself playing Kid Vector due to it being quite challenging. But over the course of the fifteen levels I can’t help but wondering why he wears a cap, and why UFO:s are so interested in him.

The presentation is retro goodness, and I love it just as much now as when I reviewed Blast Ball. Sure one could argue that it is lazy to reuse the assets, but then again who wouldn’t? I mean Mario has been around for quite some time in the Mushroom Kingdom without anyone complaining. The soundtrack of Kid Vector is chiptune that takes me back to the arcade classics.

Kid Vector is a cool speed run platformer that can challenge most players intensively. I would have liked to see more story, or at least more variation with power ups for example. Now Game Center integration for scores, and achievements is where it is at. The easy to grasp controls, and flashing graphics makes it a joy to play no matter what the motivation.

Final Rating


Kid Vector $1.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0
Seller: Uncade LLC


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