“Keep it Up” lets you play with your balls on the iPhone

Keep it Up! ($.99)
No, it’s not the subject of a spam email, it’s an iPhone game! With a name like this I can’t help but make immature jokes, so to keep it from affecting the review, lets go ahead and get them all out of the way now. Also, if you have any to add to the list, please include them in the comments.

Warning!! If immature humor about male body parts offends you, please skip past the list and move on to the review below.

  • The goal in the game is to keep your balls from dropping.
  • You have to touch your balls in order to keep it up.
  • The high quality lighting make for very realistic looking balls.
  • You have to love a game whose object is to keep your balls bouncing.
  • Keep it up won’t leave you feeling disappointed.
  • You can only play with one ball at a time.
  • Tilting will make your balls move.
  • “Keep it Up” makes playing with balls a surprisingly satisfying experience.
  • If you haven’t had fun touching your balls in the past, “Keep it Up” will change everything.
  • You would think the best strategy would be to touch your ball repeatedly, however a light touch seems to work best.
  • “Keep it Up” makes a compelling experience from touching balls.
  • “Keep it Up” lets you choose from balls of many colors and sizes.
  • You can pass “Keep it Up” to a friend and let them play with your balls.
  • The object is the game is to not let your balls down.

Okay, now with that out of the way, let’s move on to the review.

378838_5When Keep it Up starts you are instructed to choose a ball. You can pick between a tennis ball, soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, or space ball. The other balls leave, and your left with your selected ball. It’s now your  job to tap on the ball before it hits the bottom to “keep it up.” If you get sick of that ball just don’t touch the screen for a few seconds and the other balls will roll back in and you can choose another ball to play with.

At the bottom of the screen there are 2 big numbers. The one on the right is the number of bounces you currently have. The number on the left is your high score. If the ball drops the number on the right goes to zero and the counter is reset. Above the right number there are smaller numbers which will track your total time up without touching the ground.

Keep it Up has no sound, but does have really good visuals. The balls are fully 3D and move with realistic gravity. The lighting adds a gritty urban feel, and makes the whole game look rather polished.

378838_3This is the whole game. There are no internet leaderboards, or acheivements; just you, a ball, and gravity. The game is simple and fun, but doesn’t have a lot of depth.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can only make the ball bounce by tapping directly on the ball. You might expect that you could tap underneath the ball or leave your finger on the screen to block that ball. None of these will work. I think it’s and intentional decision by the developer to keep the game challenging, so if your expecting these features you will be dissapointed.

Now on to the rankings!

Presentation & Graphics

The graphics are beautiful. I love the look. The frame rate is great, and the lighting effects are awesome.


There is no sound :(


It’s simple, but fun.


Seriously? You bounce balls over and over again. If you find this fun for a long time, do this in real life with a soccer ball and try to go pro.

Game Rating

Keep it up is fun, but not for long.

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  • Jay

    lol luv the immature joke part. not so crazy about the game though

  • Nacho

    lol! I used ball so much in the post, google ads is advertising

  • iPGN-Matt

    best. review. ever.

  • skooby

    Don’t encourage him… :)

  • Jay

    lol Matt, you’re funny

  • Kevin

    I used to love playing keep it up until my phone crashed and froze my balls.

  • Todd

    LOL hilarious app. If you like this type of humor or want to do another funny review check this app out (bouncy ball!). It makes a game of how rapidly you can shake the iPhone up and down (thing awkward hand motion)