KarmaStar review

Which choices should you make? What routes in life should you take? Go for money, love or friendship? What about health or developing your intellect? These are humongous questions to ask yourself in your own life. Do you really accomplish your goals?

So why such tough questions in the first paragraph of a game review? KarmaStar is a game about choices you make in life during the passage from childhood to old age. You have only eight turns to decide your faith. You are one of three competitors fighting to get the highest score. Each turn you have to choose to either build up one of the five traits(love, money, brains, family and health) which gives one point or to attack another player which if successful gives two points. You can have a maximum of five levels to the different traits and when attacking or being attacked you get as many dice as you have points. If you have three in money and attack someone with two in money you get three dice and the opponent two dice. The rolled dice are being summed up and if you win you get two points.

karmastar1Bonus points are added for example if you manage to get a trait to max out or if you manage to attack the other two players successfully. There are also wildcards making the game harder to predict. Most wildcards you can play during your turn and they can be about stealing a trait from an opponent. There is also the moxie card giving you two extra dice during battle.

This game is really fun and quite addictive and as it only lasts for eight turns it can be completed in less then five minutes total. This is the main complaint I have about this game, it is quite forgettable as it never really gets the time to draw you in. Most times I play it a couple of times in a row as it is interesting to see what can be done differently.

Every time you play it you get a different experience as all aspects are randomised and the wildcards really effects the outcome. You can play versus two Iphone opponents at three different levels of difficulty and there is also the possibility to play versus one or two human opponents over Wi-Fi which I haven’t had the opportunity to do as I can’t find others in the vicinity with KarmaStar.


Presentation & Graphics

Great production values with clear colourful graphics and lovely characters floating in space. Annoys me a bit to have menus in the portrait orientation and the actual game in landscape. Would love to have something more as the game ends as there is only a score list, some kind of animation or reward is called for.



Ambient spacemuzak suitable to the game with suitable sound effects. Can play your own Ipod music and get the sound effects as well, great.

Easy to understand and to control by touch with instructions and explanations available in the game. Can feel a bit slow at times and I would love to be able to speed by some of the small animations and texts when the next player gets to make a move. It is fun and exciting to plan and strategise to get the most out of life and spank the opposition.

It is too quick to play through, I would love to be able to set it to say 10 or 20 turns instead as it ends just as I feel the time to reap the harvest of my strategy is a couple of turns away. There are achievements to keep you going on your own. I can only guess that it is really fun over Wi-Fi but as I haven’t tried it I can not include it in my evaluation of the game.

Game Rating

Fun and unique game recommended for those in need for a quick strategy fix that is deeper than it seems. The price has gone down to $1.99, which is an ok asking price. Hopefully Majesco Entertainment improves it further as it has potential to become a real Iphone classic.

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    I guess it may be a good game


    i have never understood these games!