KamiCrazy Quick Review

Remember Lemmings? Of course you do? KamiCrazy takes the classic concept of lemmings and shines it up a bit with some wonderful graphics and great animation. Rather than simply controlling the actions of the… Kamis(?), you also move various contraptions in the levels to get them to the goal. The gameplay is very straightforward, and very difficult after the first 10 levels or so. Unfortunately, this mainly due to poor touch control response. It’s extremely frustrating to constantly move multiple Kamis when a single swipe, when you’re only going for img_0003_2one. Especially in more difficult challenges. That said, it’s still a fun little game that, with some control tweaks, could really shine.

Presentation & Graphics

Polished cartoonish graphics, with nice animation. Nice overall style to the game, especially with two different types of levels. Would have like to see more variety with 40 levels.


Simple sounds, but good quality. Music goes well.


Lemmings rocks, and this is almost just as fun. Unfortunately, the fun ends when the game gets very difficult to accurately control in later levels. I have a small fingers so I don’t think that’s the issue. ;) Swiping will control multiple Kamis by accident, which is frustrating.

Game life:

40 levels will keep you playing this for a long time, but not necessarily for the right reasons… it’s hard!

Game rating:


Final word:
A cute and polished lemmings game that pulls itself out of the clone zone to be something truly unique and entertaining. Sadly, it’s plagued with bad controls that could be simply due to the tiny characters that you’re controlling with your much larger fingers. That said, it’s 40 levels, which will provide you many hours of (possibly too) challenging game play, and the game looks and sounds great.

KamiCrazy ($3.99)

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