Kaloki Love quick review

Kaloki Love is the second game set in the Kaloki universe for the iPhone. I thoroughly enjoyed the first game Kaloki Adventure, and it received a four star rating. Kaloki Love doesn’t change the formula from the first game. This is good in a way as the game worked really well but on the other hand the graphics could have been updated for Kaloki Love in my opinion.

img_0688This will be a really quick review as the only real variation between Kaloki Love and Kaloki Adventure are the missions. To get to know the gameplay in more detail take a look at the review of Kaloki Adventure. In Kaloki Love the focus is on love, and you have to satisfy the girls hanging around your space station. Only five missions are available but endings vary depending on your treatment of the four girls. This gives the game some extra gamelife.

Just like in Kaloki Adventure you can play different scenarios to build your ultimate space station. In Kaloki Love these have more diverse and weird environments such as asteroids and fireworks.

img_0698I must say that even though Kaloki Love introduces a more story driven gameplay I still prefer Kaloki Adventure as it has a higher level of quirkiness. At times the Love aspect feels a bit slapped on. The four dream girls are all quirky, and ask questions that steers the story depending on your answers.

At $0.99 I can still recommend Kaloki Love as a quirky strategy game with a couple of hours of fun gameplay. I think you should start by playing Kaloki Adventure though, and as it has a lite version it is a no brainer trying it out.

Final Rating


Kaloki Love $0.99

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    “kaloki love”- hmm… wierd name.

  • Rock $ Rolla

    It looks pretty cool