Kaloki Adventure review

Strategy and tycoon games are not common in the App Store. It is hard to guess that a game named Kaloki Adventure could be a game in that genre, but it is. Kaloki Adventure is a space station tycoon game where you are in charge of supplying what is demanded.

You have to fill the demand from traders and customers, as well as keeping the station running on sufficient power. The limitations you have are funds and power. To build a lemonade stand you have to make sure that the base has enough power and that you have enough money. You can always sell what you built but at a loss of course. There are bars showing the demand of different goods and services. Love, information, flowers/nature, science and stuff to buy are in demand. When they demand love you build a dating service. As you progress you can build structures that generate more trade than others in the same category, at those times you can also sell old structures.

img_0010In story mode you have a set number of objectives to complete. Ranging from building a number of structures to having a set amount of cash or power. The levels feel varied, as demand shifts between different goods and services. As levels progress so does your responsibility, you have to keep everything in working order and supervise maintenance of the structures.

img_0009Kaloki Adventure feels like a breath of fresh air in the App Store. It is a strategy game based on supply and demand instead of building defence towers. It is both deep and light hearted at the same time. You can adjust different aspects of every structure affecting both your costs running it, and income it generates. This gives a lot of depth to the gameplay. The base you build have limited places to build extensions at. To for example increase power you can either build a new power source or adjust power output of available sources. This is of course at the risk of failures, and forces you to have a maintenance crew standing by.

img_0011Kaloki Adventure is the kind of game you think you are going to play for ten minutes, and end up playing for three hours. Easy to immerse oneself in as it is challenging, intriguing and fun. It has a completely own charm, with lovely characters and evolving gameplay. And as you constantly get feedback from passing traders you always know how well you are doing, and it is easy to play just that extra time to please them all.

Presentation & Graphics


img_0042The graphics are quirky, with a lot of own flair. I think the screen tends to get cluttered, and it gets tiring with too much information going on. The colour scheme for the interface feels wrong and boring, greenish grey isn’t that exciting. The base looks great, and it is really satisfying watching it grow and prosper.  The story is told in still images and text, which is a bit of a downer.



Crazy, cool and funky modern jazz music that really gets me in a good mood, lovely stuff. Quirky dialogue sounding a bit like anime combined with teletubbies on crack. The sound is really strong in this game, and needs to be as it fades away your own music.



img_0043Controls are good, touch controls all the way. Objects are quite small on the screen but it works quite well to touch the correct one. Hitting the correct place on the base has proven itself to be trickier, often I manage to open up the control menu for the wrong extension. It gets better with practise.

Beating a level includes achieving different objectives in a set amount of time. Most of the time you have to take it exactly in the order the game wants you to. I like to solve problems my own way but the game seldom let me. If you make one faulty decision early in the level it will be impossible to beat within the time frame.

There is however a sandbox mode letting me build whichever way I want. A really neat feature for us who want to just build stuff, and manage our intergalactic base.



There are 14 levels in the game in the story mode, and six different sandbox scenarios. There are different medals to attain depending on how quickly you fulfil objectives adding replayability. Hours upon hours of gameplay available for $1.99.

Game Rating


Kaloki Adventure is one of the few games in this genre available for the iPhone, and thankfully it is a good game. I would definitely say that it is worth $2.99 for the quirky sound, deep, rewarding gameplay and long gamelife. A lite version is available, but to avoid replaying the first levels again just buy the full version right away.

Kaloki Adventure $2.99

Kaloki Free

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  • ant

    got this on xbox live arcade and abosulutely love it, so when it appeared in the app store i knew i just had to buy it. havnt had a chance to play it yet tho since im addicted to other games at the moment



  • Rock $ Rolla

    This game is for me

  • Brian

    Looks like fun, I’ll probably pick it up.