Just Fillin – Super Retro Candy Goodness!

Just Fillin ($.99)

Another one of these? Another fill the screen without getting touched by the baddies game. Seriously? You expect me to put my hard earned cash on a game whose genre has only been trumped by match 3? Yes, yes I do. This game is one of those unexpected little gems glinting from the walls of the dingy cave known as the app store.

You’ve seen this type of game before. You start with an open space and some type of patrolling spike, or baddy. Your job is to inflate a bubble in the open space without the spike hitting you. The objective is to fill the screen to x percent with y number of bubbles, only allowing for z amount to pop. What Just Fillin does differently is to put it in a functional and beautiful package that makes you want to play it.

198216_4Although the game type isn’t unique, the game iself really stands out. I was first struck by the graphics. They are retrolicious and candy beautiful. Changing the color schemes each level keeps things interesting. Just Fillin also has a lot of little details that make a difference in graphics as well. For example the stars that fly out when you make a large bubble, or the liquid effects as a bubble drops in.

I was also impressed with the attention to detail in the gameplay itself. The game takes into account th at your finger is used to play the game. So instead of having the bubble fill from the center of your touch, it grows upward, allowing you to see much more of the bubble. The game also allows you to move the bubble while expanding it, even with momentum when you let go, adding another fun dynamic.

198216_3The game also provides a lot more options than others of the genre making it the most flexible of any other games of it’s type. You can adjust how high to fill the bubble above your finger, or you can choose the center. If for some reason you start a new game instead of resuming you can go to settings and warp back to the last level you completed. There is a quick an automatic score submission after each level and an online leaderboard.

I only have one complaint about the game. In the latest update they included a small banner at the top of the success screen. It’s not in the way and it advertizes thier own games (currently only aqua hoops). It’s not a huge bother, but I allready own aqua hoops, so I wish there was a way I could turn it off.

Presentation & Graphics

Absolutely top notch graphics and presentation. The graphics stand head and shoulders above other games of this level.

The sounds in this game are great. The trilling counting sound and the pitch changes as you play really add a lot. Just Fillin also allows you to play your iPod music while playing.

Super polished gameplay, simple menu and options, and practically instant loading make this game a winner.

Although the concept is simple, the sounds, graphics, leader boards, and solid gameplay keep sucking me back into the game. It’s good to play for a long long time.

Game Rating

So what’s the bottom line? Just Fillin is a fantastic game. Each detail is attended to making a very fun, simple, and affordable game. It’s perfect for quick play, or as an extended time filler. I find myself coming back to this game quite often, and I would absolutely recooment it for everyone.

Response from the developer:

“To clarify about the Aqua Hoops ad, I appreciate the criticism. The way it is programmed to work is to only show once per day for a max of three times. i am thinking of removing it, because it has upset some people that spent their money on the app”

Thanks for the update!

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  • ben

    Is this better than Virus? I kinda like that one and Just Fillin looks pretty similar…

  • Nacho

    Yes, this is much better than virus. I bought virus and expando when they came out back in the day. This one is at least twice as fun as those.

  • e.j.

    there is also a free version available here:

  • e.j.

    correction, free version available here: