Jumble Quick Review

Review by Matt Dunn

Jumble is a great looking game that takes a few fun twists to the stacking puzzle game genre. It may not have the cutesy charm of it’s current competitor, Topple, but it makes up for that with some fun gameplay mechanics, and unique sets of items!

Jumble is the second stacking game I’ve reviewed for the iPhone, and it certainly stays with a high level of quality. The goal of these games is to stack various objects or shapes on top of each other to reach a certain goal height. As with Topple, you can tilt your iPhone to lean the stack left or right to try to balance things out. As you progress, things get quite tough!

Jumble mixes things up in a number of ways. First off, it offers levels that require you to fill a certain section of the screen with items, rather than reach a certain height. There are also challenges that require you to use every item in your inventory to build a tower. Both of these are a refreshing break from mindless stacking, and require a bit more engineering skills. Second, Jumble doesn’t use shapes, but rather everyday household items (brooms, stools, cups, food, etc), which makes me wonder what I can actually stack in my kitchen…

It offers three different “rooms” to play in: Kitchen, Lounge, and the Toy Room – each with it’s own set of unique items to stack. There is a different song for each room (all of them pleasant), and minimal sound effects. As you progress, you unlock new levels, rooms, and even bonus levels to challenge you. There is surprisingly no high score list, but because new content is unlocked as you progress, the drive to play is still there.

Presentation & Graphics:

Good artwork, and a nice variety in level locations (on the clothes dryer, sink, sofa, etc). Game menus are good, but where is the in-game menu or pause option? That’s a strange thing to forget, unless I’m missing it! Over all nicely polished.


Very cool music, especially the beat-boxing track! Sound effects are minimal. Would have liked possibly to have some sounds for objects clanking together?


Touch controls are good, but not great, as you have to slide a lever to rotate objects rather than using your fingers to rotate on-screen. You also can’t drag an object right on top of another, as the object will turn red and reset. This can get a bit annoying, but is forgivable. Unlocking new levels, and playing different variations of the game is a lot of fun though, and there’s a good variety in level design.

Game life:

Although there are no leader boards, or any outside content, Jumble stands very well on it’s own as a very solid and challenge, once-through experience. It will take you quite some time and planning for later levels, and especially with some of the bonuses. There are 27 levels + 9 bonus levels. 36 levels isn’t shabby at all, especially once you get towards the end.

Final Word:

Jumble is an absolutely solid and fun stack puzzle game, that brings some fun gameplay and a good amount of content to the table. The touch controls could be tweaked a bit better, but for most people it will play just fine. There are also 36 challenging levels to keep this game on your active list, and more importantly, Jumble stands on it’s own as a unique and fun puzzle experience for the iPhone. At $5.99, it seems a bit pricey considering there is no online connectivity for scores or anything, but it’s a good game nonetheless, and will not dissappoint!

(In fact, at the moment, it actually scores better than Topple on the App store! The people have spoken?)

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