Julius Styles – The International review

Wesley Snipes is a cool dude, and I associate him with action, clever one-liners and cool scenarios. Julius Styles on the other hand is nothing close to that. Something must have gone horribly wrong when a character inspired by the looks, and moves of Wesley Snipes walks around slowly looking like he has a monkey up his bum. No I will not be nice in this review because this game makes me feel stupid, and it bores me at the same time. Two of the worst things any game can do to the gamer: insult and bore.

img_4404The game starts out promising with Julius Styles hunting a reindeer, and generally behaving like a badass. The first mission involves taking a trip to Italy. Then I got to take control of this cool dude, and it all started to fall apart. The movement is so slow, and you have to tap every new location. There is no walk button or keypad. Even worse is the lack of a run button, and Julius shuffles about at zombie pace.

Talking to other characters means that you get to see still drawings with a number of lines of dialogue to choose from. No voiceovers at this point, but just boring white text. Even worse is the fact that what I am reading is boring, predictable and at times contradictory to the plot. I don’t get it at all.

Finding stuff is all about tapping everywhere, and hopefully the game registers correctly. Often I get descriptions for other objects nearby the one I have actually tapped. Julius picks up a PDA to help him out, and that actually helps a lot since you are completely lost without it.

img_4383The game force puzzles on you without much explanation, and not even the controls are explained at times. Opening vaults, inserting viruses and finding errors on a passport could have been fun. With little to no introduction these just makes me feel stupid when I fail to solve them. Thankfully a skip button allows me to skip the puzzle at hand after waiting for some time. This is still quicker than trying to solve something you can’t really control properly. With trial and error everything can be solved, but I rather watch paint dry than try some of these puzzles again.

Julius Styles finishes a puzzle, looks at his PDA and shuffles on. No matter how cool Wesley Snipes might be nothing of that translates into Julius.

bildThe presentation is poor at best with dated murky graphics, hard to spot items and boring story implementation. The game takes everything an adventure game needs to succeed, and replaces it with the bad counterpart. The music is engaging though, but it sounds like something out of an 80:s action series on the telly. The initial voiceovers are cheesy, and hence quite cool. When replaced by small white text the game plummets in the presentation department.

Julius Styles – The International is not a good game, actually it is one of the worst experiences I have had in quite a long time on my iOS devices. Poor graphics, slow gameplay and a complete lack of proper introduction to puzzles leaves a sour taste in my mouth. This is episode one of the game, but I really don’t want anymore of this drivel. Take the Julius Styles character into another type of game completely, and redeem the cool of Wesley Snipes.

Final Rating


Julius Styles – The International $0.99 Universal for iPad and iPhone.
Version: 1.1
Seller: Lapland Studio Ltd

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