Jones On Fire review

For all that is holy, save the kitties!

Cats are supposed to have nine lives, but those run out quickly in a fire. The forest is ablaze in flames. Only a running fireman can save the kitties from tragedy, and her name is Jones, Emma Jones.

Created in 48 hours during an event for charity named BlazeJam Jones on Fire is an endless runner with quite a few tricks up its sleeves. For one it is level-based with limited lives available. It combines this with randomized levels that makes the game fresh despite having to start all over when Jones perish to the flames. This is also one of the flaws; as despite being random it feels quite slow to start all over from hazard level one.

Emma Jones can jump by touching the left side of the screen, and slide by touching the right side. There are also some dash moves that can be unlocked later on to spice things up. Burning logs have to be jumped or slid under, otherwise she stumbles and the wall of fire chasing her gets closer. If the wall of fire engulfs her one life is lost. With a total of three lives this is not an option.

Kittens are scattered throughout the woods, and Emma has to jump or slide to catch them. There are also rare golden kittens that appear from time to time. These aren’t necessarily harder to grab, but as you don’t know where they will show up it is always a gamble to take that extra jump to catch them. Ordinary kittens are like 100 to one, and you get quite a few just running.

Between hazard levels you can upgrade your skills, or buy boosts using either cash or gold cash. Of course the gold items are harder to afford, and you might get tempted to use IAP to be able to get nifty abilities. Grinding can of course help you out, but be prepared to grind a lot.

Jones on Fire also feature missions in the style found in Jetpack Joyride. You have to save x amount of kittens, stumble on logs and outrun the fire for example. Upon completion you get some extra gold. Most missions don’t really involve any special skills, but you can get them by just playing the game. Some on the other hand are hard, as they want you to live on the edge by harming Emma.

The presentation is unique with a blocky almost Minecraft-esqe style. It is pleasant, but doesn’t offer much extra flair or variation. The music reminds me of the golden days of the C64 with energetic chiptunes.

Jones on Fire is a fun runner that is easy to get into, and play for days. Having to restart, or use IAP to continue is not that fun though. I would have preferred to have IAP for optional customization instead, and have the game kept as a level based runner with constant progression. Still it is easy to recommend for anyone looking for a fresh take on the runner genre. And yeah, you get to save kitties too.

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