Joining Hands review

Holding hands was that first step you had to take with the girl you loved, as a young boy struck by weird sensations in the tummy.

There is something special about walking hand in hand with the one you love, and care for. Even more special is the feeling of joy and pride I get from walking hand in hand with my two young daughters. This is a basic human behaviour, but we are not alone in this. The Peablins living in the Whispering Woods are all into the feel-good nature of holding hands. But they have somehow lost their own ability to move, and that is where you have to step in.

Joining Hands is a casual puzzle game where your task is to connect all the hands of the Peablins. Moving the different kinds of Peablins around is easy by just dragging them. Some creatures can be rotated by tapping, but most have hands that automatically try to join with other free hands. As levels progress, and new species are introduced the solutions get more intricate.

The main reason I adore Joining Hands is the casual nature of the puzzles. There are no time limits, or move limits to take in consideration. There are stars that you collect by having a Peablin on top of them, as levels end. Other than that this is the kind of game that I can just let my mind wander to, and feel myself getting relaxed. Even on harder levels this sense of calm never leaves me. Somehow it always feels that a level can be solved. To some gamers this slow pace will be a true game breaker, and it is important not to expect a fast paced random game.

The presentation is cute, colourful and bright. No matter if I play on my iPhone 4S, or new iPad the game looks great. The pacing however makes me enjoy it more on the smaller screen, as it feels overkill to play such a slow game on an iPad. This is the great thing about universal games that you can find the place it works best for you. Sadly the saved game didn’t transfer between my devices even though Joining Hands use Game Center.

Joining Hands is a casual puzzle game with loads of levels, good presentation and excellent controls. To some it might be too casual, and feel simple even though some levels get seriously hard. If you are in the market for a puzzler you can play without giving it your full attention that still gives you a good feeling in your tummy Joining Hands comes highly recommended.

Final Rating


Joining Hands $2.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.2.1
Seller: 10tons Ltd.

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  • Wtfookk

    Biased. Why do puzzle games always get low score? Should have been 5/5