Jimmy Pataya – quick review

Like high score fests? Well, Paladin Studios new game Jimmy Pataya is the game for you.

Unlike other games of it’s kind, like the vertical Doodle Jump or the side scrolling Canabalt, this game has you jumping out of a plane with no parachute, attempting to dodge platforms by tilting your device left and right.

Luckily the platforms have holes placed conveniently in them. The whole point of the game is to stay alive as long as you can while you steadily increase in speed. Later on in the game the platforms become closer together and the holes become smaller adding increased difficulty.

jp02Jimmy Pataya is fun game, overall, and this is due to the real sense of speed you. When things begin to speed up you really feel like your falling out of a plane. The controls are spot on, so you always feel in control.

Graphically it has a very cartoony artstyle with that popular cell shaded look for a quasi 2d/3d effect. The techno rock soundtrack fits well with the game and sounds crisp and clear. However, there are only 2 sound effects, the sound of you calling your name out when you jump out of the plane, and the sound of you splatting on to the platform when you lose. And for this fact I ended up turning off the sounds because it became kind of boring hearing those same 2 sounds.

Jimmy Pataya kept me coming back for the sole reason of beating my previous high score, but since there are no global leaderboards the scores are only local to your device. However, you can share your score via a twitter tweet, but it doesn’t have the addictiveness of watching yourself climb the charts against the competition.

Jimmy Pataya is out now for $0.99 (get it on Jimmy Pataya)

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