Jewel Factory – review

Matching jewels, making combos, going for high-scores, I know what you’re thinking: Bejewelled? Well not this time. I’m talking about Jewel Factory, a new game developed by Mobile Deluxe, coming soon to the App Store. If you like puzzle or matching games, this one might just pique your interest.

The gameplay doesn’t need much tutorial; it’s just as simple as flicking jewels into bins. There are easy, medium, and hard modes, across three locations. The game is ad-supported, but the ads can disappear with DLC, as well as increase your awards, something I have so far neglected to mention. By earning awards through playing the game, you can use these as credit to buy other games that Mobile Deluxe has developed, such as Solitaire. The graphics are beautifully polished and are a highlight of the game as well.

jf_1The music is absolutely perfect for the game. It has an up-tone arcade beat that only the best studios can achieve. Take a moment to bring it in and enjoy. The game also has online leader-boards as well as the ability to upload scores to Facebook. As I said earlier, this coincides with the rewards program, which is even further improved with the DLC.

There are many locations across the game to improve your jewel-flicking skills. Among these include different colored jewels, coming at different speeds, and with multiple types and number of conveyor belts. You never know what’s coming next. The game has replayability through the roof. Even after playing through the whole game, you can always keep flicking away in your favorite locations to improve your game and see how high you can score. How’s your flick?

jf_2To conclude, the gameplay is adequate and recommended mostly for puzzle, strategy, and Bejewelled fans. The graphics match the gameplay in quality. The highlight was the music and SFX though that’s not why you buy a puzzle game. In the end, it’s a fairly replay-able game that I would give a 3/5 overall and see having a moderately long run on the stores puzzle category.

Jewel Factory is currently out only in Canada as freemium, with a full release in June.


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  • iPhone Gamer

    Great review, can’t wait till it hits the US market. Very unique looking too…