Jelly Jumpers Review

I am rubber and you are glue; whatever you jump on bounces off me and sticks to you.

Before endless runners dominated the iOS scene, endless jumpers were all the rage. Doodle jump took the gaming world by storm with its incredibly simple and addictive platforming gameplay. Jelly Jumpers is bringing endless jumping back, but in a way that feels relatively new and innovative.

In Jelly Jumpers, you play as a blob of jelly that jumps, hence the name. Where things differ is in the platforms on which you land. You land on wheels of varying size and rotation speed. You cannot control your blob of jelly once he is in the air, instead, you have to time it so he launches off the wheel at the right time to make it to the next one.

Your goal is to get as high as possible with the highest score you can get. Your score multiplier goes up by making it from wheel to wheel without missing. Depending on your angle, you can miss a wheel and land on the wall on the edge of the level. You can jump from here to a wheel to stay alive, but you will break your combo.

If you jump at an angle that does not put you on a wall, you will die and be forced to start over. Before you start again, you will be given the chance to use the coins and diamonds you collect throughout the level to buy upgrades and powerups to help you reach new heights.

Since this game is free, there are ads and in-app purchases. The ads will come up after a game, and the in-app purchases allow you to gain more in-game currency without having to play through the levels repeatedly. The ads are not too intrusive, but they are full screen.

The art style of Jelly Jumpers is very cute and vibrant. It animates well and is a solid-looking little game. The same goes for the sound. The music is catchy, but it will get repetitive after a while. At first, I was like, “wow this song is awesome and so fitting for the game.” After around 45 minutes, I felt like, “okay, I think I have had enough of this song.”

Overall, the game is fun, but while there are plenty of unlocks, I just do not think it has enough variety to keep anyone coming back. That being said, it is a free game, and even if you get 45 minutes of solid entertainment from it, it is worth a download.

Jelly Jumpers is available for Free as a Universal App. Get it on the App Store.

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