Jack of All Tribes HD review

Jack is confused at first, but soon he finds his calm and starts helping the tribe out. Travelling from the future Jack ends up in a tribe of prehistoric cute, and vulnerable people. They need help with the basics such as gathering wood, harvesting food and picking up all the gold that is scattered around the village. For some reason these prehistoric men have managed to develop a monetary system with a currency. Jack is positive about all of this, and jumps head first into directing the tribe.

img_0259Jack of All Tribes HD is a confused mixture of strategy, time management and casual tapping at things that glitters. I have played through all 40 levels without being able to pinpoint what the game has to offer. To me I never get to time manage properly since there is no way to queue actions. The strategy is limited to what you build, or collect first. Sure you can select how many villagers are allocated to for example supplying wood, and that affects how many run around collecting/building.

Another issue with the game is the easy level of difficulty making it a casual game at best. There is little to no sense of urgency. Jack is laid back, and so is the gameplay. As a casual game it might work quite well if you don’t really care about the lack of challenge. To me any game with time management aspects becomes boring if it lacks challenge. Furthermore the game has some scenes of hidden object antics. These are so easy that the y pose zero challenge, and are more detrimental to the flow of the game.

img_0260The presentation is the real strength of the game. Bright vibrant colours, lovely animated characters, and a feel good vibe to the whole game. It is a pleasant time spent together with Jack, and as a means of relaxation it is quite nice. I would have liked some proper movies instead of the ordinary time management cartoon images to introduce the story. Furthermore some customization of the rather dull Jack would have added to the game. The music is not as good as the graphics, and follows closely in the happy soundtracks of the time management genre.

img_0260It is hard not to compare Jack of All Tribes HD to Royal Envoy HD. Many aspects of the gameplay are the same, but Royal Envoy shines in the challenge department making it a much better game if you want to use your brains.

Jack of All Tribes HD leaves me relaxed, but not really challenged. The gameplay is unfocused, and too casual to be interesting to the time management gamer. As it is free to download, and try it out I recommend fans of Royal Envoy and My Kingdom for the Princess to give it a go.

Final Rating


Jack of All Tribes HD Free, $4.99 to unlock full game
Version: 1.0
Seller: G5 Entertainment AB

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