iWire review

iWire is a simple accelerometer game requiring a very steady hand. The object of the game is to guide a ring along a wire of energy, without it touching the sides. The longer you can go with out doing so, the higher your score… touch the sides and you slow down and you score with it. Controlling your ring [ooh-err] is done via tilt, it’s very sensitive too, and only requires subtle wrist movements. The game is broken up into three difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard. I found the first two a breeze, but the hard level is both longer and trickier to stay on course. At the end of either course you can submit your score, and even upload it to the online score board to compare with others.


Presentation and Graphics


It’s a good looking game for what it is, the wire particle effects look cool, and the menu’s are nicely presented.




The ethereal music creates a tense feeling and urgency to the gameplay, and sounds great on headphones.




Apart from the skill of a steady hand there isn’t much else to do beyond the three difficulty levels, but it is fun for short time. Unfortunately this game would be near impossible on a train or bus, which is where a lot of iphone gaming is done, so including a touch control option would have been good.




Only three levels of varying difficulty won’t hold your attention for long, unless you are a high score whore. 


Final rating


For $0.99 you get a well presented game, and an interesting idea… but at the cost of a short experience.

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