iStunt 2 review

Flying upside down grabbing the board while swooping down for a perfect landing. Ducking under some vile saw blades, and making another leap into the unknown flipping upside down nailing another perfect landing. Forget gravity, realism, helmets and blown joints. This is iStunt 2, and all you need is a vest, a scarf and a wicked board.

iStunt 2 is at heart a trial game where you have to pass a number of obstacles on your way to the green flag. The large difference is that realism is tuned down a lot of notches, and wicked moves are introduced. img_3527To control the unnamed snowboarder that I call Scarf from now on you tilt your phone. Speed is all up to angles, slopes and high speed zones. Instead you focus on making sure Scarf lands perfectly board to the ground. This might sound easy, but seeing as the ground might be what you otherwise call walls or ceiling it takes some quick motions at times. iStunt 2 is a lot about replaying sections to truly nail them, and avoid getting slammed into the ground or sawn to pieces. Checkpoints are frequent, and this is one of those games where I have no problem with replaying a section 20-30 times to grab all the coins. The retry button is convenient, and the game resets quickly to the last checkpoint.

Other controls include swiping up to jump, swiping down to duck and grab the sides of the screen to do tricks. The swiping is spot on, but the grabs tend to be iffy in response. Combined the control scheme is fun, and easy to get into. You canĀ  always calibrate the accelerometer in the options menu. Mastering the controls is not that easy though, and I feel that I keep improving. Nailing a hard section is truly satisfying, and as levels are quite short it soon becomes addictive to try that next level right away.

img_353142 levels might sound like a lot, but this is one of those games that I would want to never end. It took me about three hours to complete all the levels with silver ratings or higher. To get all gold it will probably take me one more hour. There are leaderboards and achievements through Game Center to extend the game life. A time trial mode lets you speed run through the levels.

The retina graphics stand out on my iPhone 4 screen. Scarf is nicely animated, and has some cool rag doll physics when things go wrong. The game zooms out when you make some wicked airs helping you find your way to the next landing. Overall the presentation is polished, and further enhance the attraction of the game. The music is glitchy enjoyable electronica, and the sound effects are nice with some bone crunching sounds of crunching bones. You can play your own music, and keep the sound effects.

img_3547iStunt 2 is a fun casual arcade platforming trial game featuring wacky physics, and some mad air. The levels are generally well constructed, and I want to have more of them right now. A level editor to let players add new levels would also perfect this excellent experience. At a buck it is definitely one of the most fun, and at the same time challenging games out there.

Final Rating


iStunt 2 $0.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Miniclip SA

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