Issentiel Pure iPhone 5/5S case review

Minimal bulk, and high quality leather in the same package. 

The Pure case from Issentiel is all about the combination of added protection, and keeping the phone visible. High quality leather covers a thin plastic frame completely on both the inside, and outside. The interior is covered with the same colour leather, as the contrast stitching found on the back. The Issentiel logotype is found alongside the brand name on the interior, and the name Issentiel can also be found on the back pressed into the leather. This is the kind of branding I like to see.

For protection the Pure offers quite a lot despite having a name like pure. The entire back, sides, and some of the front is covered by the case. The top left corner of the phone is not covered at all, from the volume buttons and up. An extended lip around most of the screen allows the iPhone to be placed face down on most surfaces. For impact protection the Pure is good, but it might not be as well rounded against scratches as there is nothing covering the top left corner.

The Pure looks great, and manages quite well at showcasing the iPhone 5/5S. The grip is also a great benefit, and I find the contrast stitching on the back to be good for finding a sweet spot when playing games. As with all cases from Issentiel the leather is soft, and made with an exquisite attention to detail.

Two high quality screen protection films are included with the case, and I personally think it is a good idea to use a screen protector, as the case is quite bare.

For those looking for minimal bulk, but still want high quality leather covering their case the Pure from Issentiel is a great option. It is a great companion for the new iPhone 5S, as well for the good old iPhone 5.

Final Rating


Pure at €34.90

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