Issentiel Prestige Case Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Now it becomes even harder to choose what leather case to get for your device.

Issentiel is all about style, and fashionable details. The Prestige Leather Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is no exception. Made from high quality leather wrapped around a plastic frame it is a thin case. The fit is perfect, and it is easy to slide it in and remove if you ever feel the need to.

When inside the case you have full access to all functions of the phone. The cut-outs for volume, and power make the buttons easy to find and access. When the front flap that extends from the bottom is closed there are some loss of functionality. For one the flap is solid, and thus you can’t use the front speaker when it is closed. Furthermore the cut-out for the charging socket is right where the case extends, and that means you can’t really open it when you are charging if you have it closed. A minor complaint that most cases with this design share.

The leather is soft, and the gloss version I have tried is somewhat slippery. It is still providing better grip than the naked S4. There are also grained versions that offer an improved grip, and even softer feel. The striking aspect is the use of contrast stitching, and on most version contrasting leathers. The version I have tried has a dark brown exterior with a tan camel lining. This sets the Prestige apart from most other manufactur<ers I have sampled this far. The usual leather case tend to have the same colour for both exterior, and lining with the brand name used to distinguish the lining.

For protection it provides above average impact, and great scratch protection. The most vulnerable spot is the top of the phone that is bare when open, and only protected by the prong holding the case shut when closed. The front flap is well padded, but I doubt it would save the phone if you dropped something on it.

As with all Issentiel products there is a sense of luxury to the case. From the lovely packaging with a protecting pouch to the case itself it breaths class.

It is becoming harder, and harder to choose the best leather case with numerous excellent brands on the rise. The largest competition to Issentiel is the Tradition case from fellow French manufacturer Noreve. These two are currently taking the lead with great design coupled with a modern sense of aesthetic.

The Prestige Leather Case from Issentiel is a beautifully designed case that accentuates the device, and adds a bit of flair the device sorely lacks on its own. It is easy to recommend to anyone looking for a quality case.

Final Rating


Prestige Collection at €54.90

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