Issentiel Leather Cosy iPhone 5/5S case review

The Cosy is really a cosy case, but much more than that.

If you have been reading my earlier reviews of cases from Essentiell you know that they provide excellent quality leather cases with a great look. The Leather Cosy is no exception to this, and rather takes it to a new level. I have been looking for cases that compliment the gold iPhone 5S ever since I got it in my hand, and with a Cosy in the colour Camel I have found a perfect match among leather cases.

The Cosy is a front flap leather case where the front extends from the bottom. This design does create a minor issue with the headphone jacket, as you have to bend the flap around the cord when you want to open the case. Just a minor complaint, as the cut-out for the headphones still allow most types of headphone connectors to be used. If you want to charge your phone you have to have it open with the front folded back to be able to use the screen properly.

Having squared away the slight weaknesses of a front flap design I will now go into what makes it great. For one the workmanship that has gone into creating the device is awesome. The front is cross-stitched in a diamond pattern, and despite having that much needlework there are no signs of loose seams. The fit is absolutely perfect, and it fits like a glove.

To showcase your phone the top, and bottom are open, as is the area around the buttons on the left side. The case just covers what it needs to fit properly.

For protection the Cosy has the entire iPhone 5/5S covered for scratch, and minor impact damage. The weak spots are the top, bottom and cut-out around the buttons on the side. The front flap is however bulging slightly to keep the area above the buttons covered when closed. For grip it is ok, and adds some slight extra friction.

Few cases look, and feel as expensive and luxurious as the Cosy, and the small turtle logotype of Issentiel found on the front is the icing on the cake. A high end case for a high end smartphone.

Final Rating


Cosy at €54.90

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