Issentiel Horizontal Galaxy S4 case review

Now this is the kind of case you don’t see too often.

The Horizontal is a belt pouch made from high quality leather. As such it isn’t the usual kind of case that I review, as they aren’t that common. A lot of users tend to prefer having a protective case that actually protects the device while using it. But there is also quite a lot of users that prefer to have their devices au naturel. For those this kind of belt, or holster pouch is quite ideal. You know that the device is always protected when not in use, and you know where it is.

Made from two pieces of leather sewn together the Horizontal is a quite tight case. Not even a slim snap-on case can be used as extra protection. A flap held by a small magnet keeps the pouch closed no matter what you do, and as such it is quite useful when exercising. To extract the phone there is a cut-out at the bottom that allows you to push it out. It takes some time to get the case to loosen up enough to be able to get it out using one hand. After this break-in period you can draw the S4 like a gunslinger.

For protection it works well keeping almost the entire device covered. The upper, and lower corners are the only vulnerable spots. Once extracted the S4 is left to your care completely.

Inside the pouch you still have access to the headphone jack, and power button. By opening the flap you also get quick access to the volume controls. The belt clip is strong, and can hold onto belts, linings and pockets.

The true strength of the Issentiel Horizontal is the excellent quality materials and workmanship. It is a stunning pouch, and the colours on offer are great. I have tried the Horizontal in chocolate, and it is the most intense deep chocolate colour ever. The downside is that I get a craving for chocolate once I see it.

The Horizontal from Issentiel is a great option for anyone looking for a belt clip holster. It takes some usage to break-in, and initial patience is required.

Final Rating


Horizontal Collection at €54.90

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