Issentiel Elegance Slim Vertical iPhone 5 case review

The best pouch for the iPhone 5 comes from France.

The pouch design is something that I learned to love using the iD Case from Beyzacases for the iPhone 4. Now I have rekindled my love for the design, and use of the pouch with a France manufacturer named Issentiel.

The Vertical Slim case, or what I would rather call luxury bicolour pouch is a marvel of workmanship. Made from four pieces of leather it is what I call a high-risk pouch to manufacture. With so many seams, and materials that have to connect it is much harder to get it all to align perfectly. But somehow they have managed to get everything in perfect harmony, and the fit is snug as a bug.

Inserting the iPhone 5 is easy from the top, and to extract it you push on the bottom. Having a cut-out at the bottom of the pouch gives you access to the headphone socket, speakers and lightning connector. I find that great, as you want to be able to listen to music, use headsets and charge the phone while in the pouch. At the top the pouch has been cut to allow you to grip the top when extracting it. You are also able to reach the mute switch, which might be a good thing if the phone rings during a meeting.

There are a lot of cool colour variations to choose from, and all come with excellent stitching along the sides. I prefer the contrast colours, as they pop the most. The lining is soft, and matches the contrast stitching. The leather of the exterior is also soft, and smooth to the touch. It still has the shine on par with patent leather.

Issentiel has put their name on the back, and the cool turtle logotype on the front. This is great, as it shows that this is truly a luxury item. I think it is important for case manufacturers to show their colours.

The Slim Vertical case is great for protecting the iPhone 5 while in your pocket. Extraction is easy, and gets easier with time and you won’t miss a call fumbling it out. The look is classy, and the build quality is great. Definitely recommended to anyone not wanting a case, but still worry that the phone might get a few scrapes from keys in a pocket.


Final Rating


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  • Noel Smith

    Can strongly recommend my Alfa case from EDGE Design