Issentiel Classic pouch Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Once more I am converted to being a pouch lover.

The Classic pouch from French Issentiel certainly lives up to its name. The shape is what you traditionally expect from a pouch with a straight top, and curved bottom. There are some details that make it stand out though, and give it a premium look and feel.

Contrast stitched seams around the edges, and in a patch half circular pattern found on both the front and back for one. The beautiful Issentiel turtle logo on the front, and embossed brand name on the back is also showcasing the premium style. The brilliant colour combinations available are modern, and quite striking while at the same time keeping it classy. I have tried the case in smooth Nappa leather, but there is also a grained version with an even softer surface.

The workmanship is top of the line with perfect seams, and fit. The first couple of days the pouch is a bit too snug, but with time it loosens up and it becomes really easy to insert and remove the phone. To make the break in time quicker I have used the Nexus 4, as it is slightly chunkier. There are a lot of smartphones that work well with the pouch such as the Nexus 4, and Samsung Galaxy S3. The pouch also works with the S-view, and S-flip covers but the break in period is longer.

A pull strap on the back lets you eject the phone to about a fifth of it is out. This is enough to grip it, and pull it out gently. I would not have mind if it had ejected it a bit more to about a third of the device is out. The pull strap is strong, and resets itself perfectly every time.

For protection it works well, as most pouches do. As long as you keep the phone inside the pouch it can withstand knocks, and bumps quite well. The top is the most vulnerable spot. Once you remove the phone it is of course vulnerable. For those wanting a naked phone experience I think a pouch is a great solution.

When inside the pouch you have access to the top of the device, and can use headphones. There are also small cut-outs for audio giving you the chance to hear the ringer. These holes are not aligned with the speaker on the back of the phone, and I would have preferred a single larger cut-out aligned with the speaker. I would also have liked a cut-out for the charger.

The Classic collection from Issentiel is absolutely beautiful, and provides good protection and quick access to the phone. With some slight alterations it would have been perfect, but even without them this is a great pouch.

Final Rating


Classic Collection at €34.90


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