iSperm Review

No game has ever been better suited for Ride of the Valkyries. iSperm is definitely a unique experience. It takes you through 3 phases of gameplay:

1. Shake the phone back and forth to advance.
2. Tilt to avoid obstacles.
3. Tap to enter and fertilize the egg.

All of this as one lonely sperm among a massive group trying to accomplish the same purpose. Unfortunately, all 3 phases give you about 30 seconds of gameplay.

I don't want to know what those blobs are.

I don't want to know what those blobs are.

iSperm is definitely more of a novelty game than anything else. It comes with some achievements, but doesn’t tell you when you get them (you have to check the menu). There is also a worldwide leaderboard, but it only shows you the top 10, and not the position you are in with your best score.

Presentation & Graphics

Visuals have a nice cartoon style, and the animation is decent, if not simple.


Ride of the Valkyries fits this game PERFECTLY, and gave me a good laugh when I first launched the game. There are a couple other sound effects, but they don’t add as much as the song does to gameplay.

The game is over FAR too quickly to really get a chance to enjoy it! Also, having to shake your iPhone back and forth isn’t the best idea, considering you can’t see what’s going on very well when you do this. It’s mildly entertaining for the brief experience though, and good draw some laughs/horrified stares from onlookers!


This is one of those games that you will play through a couple times, then maybe pull it out to give your friends a laugh a couple times. As I said, it’s a novelty. Achievements and a top 10 leaderboard aren’t really good reasons to play through the same 30 second experience over and over.

Game Rating

iSperm is a comical novelty on the iPhone. It’s not really about the gameplay or longevity as much as it is about the act of guiding a sperm to the egg while listening to Ride of the Valkyries. For that, it’s certainly not a bad purchase for $.99. As long as you buy it knowing that it will only be good for a few laughs and run-throughs. But for $.99, it’s probably worth it. :)

iSperm – $.99

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