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Somehow the inhabitants on the mysterious island has managed quite well up to this point. They have huts, workshops and a whole lot of diamonds. Now they seem to suffer from fatigue, and not even the threat of being swallowed by lava seems to awake them. Thankfully you, and your mighty finger, is with them to save the day. Fleeing towards the see the tribe takes it one step at a time covering 30 levels.

Island Tribe HD is a light take on the time management genre. It is generally too easy for an experienced time management gamer, and there are not many tasks to actually prioritize among. It is perhaps easier to see it as a truly casual strategy game where strategy is all about whether to upgrade a sawmill or repair a bridge first.

img_0188All the controls are touch based, and down to tapping what item you want the tribesman to pick up first. It is possible to queue actions, but there are no numbers indicating what order you have set up. Tapping a set order again cancels it. Removing obstacles, upgrading buildings, build new buildings, pick up goods or diamonds and put out fires are all done with the tap of a finger.

As the game is played in a zoomed out overhead view it often becomes a matter of finding what to do next. Each level starts slowly with a small section open to you. The rest is covered in fog. Repairing totems clears a lot of fog, and is often a mission goal. Once you have about half of a map clear the game is quite hectic with lots to do, and quite a few decisions on what to upgrade first. When almost all of the map is clear you just generally wait for the level to end, and the pace is low. As raw materials such as wood and stone are respawned it is always a matter of waiting a bit to be able to complete the next task. This means that the game is really easy. As the level timers are generous I have not even been close to messing up a single level in the game.

img_0189The presentation is nice, and especially the flowing layers of fog look great. Characters are cute, and I get the same urge to help them as I get for the Settlers. Lots of detail to the level maps equal quite long loading times even on my iPad 2. The story is told in still at some key points, and I would have liked to see these more refined.

The music is your ordinary happy time management music with a slight jungle island twist. Sound effects are quite underwhelming, and I really think the tribesmen should have had some weird noises or one-liners when they run about.

Island Tribe HD is light on gameplay, and often I feel like the game doesn’t really need my help. Tap here, then there, then here, then there, and repeat. Too little actual strategy, and the need to manage your time is low. For your kid it might be a great game to waste some time riding the train, and I guess it might work from five years of age. It does however look great, and the 30 levels at hand give at least three hours worth of gameplay for an adult gamer.

Final Rating


Island Tribe HD $2.99
Version: 1.1
Seller: Realore, JSC

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