iShooting Gallery – review

Review by Nigel Wood

iShooting Gallery, by EMV software, harks back to the Carnival/Fun-fair games of yesteryear.

It’s a simple premise. Shoot at targets by tapping them as they appear on screen and try and achieve the best score possible with your limited ammo.

On starting a new game you are given the choice of 3 difficulty settings; easy, normal and hard. The difference is in the speed at which the objects appear and move. Once you have selected this you are presented with a gallery of 3 horizontal sections from where objects appear, traveling in various directions. 

Each panel is randomly themed, from outer space with UFO targets, woodland theme with rabbits and tumbleweed, a haunted mansion with bats and a classic theme with rubber ducks and round striped targets. Using the touch screen and holding the iPHone vertically you must tap these targets to take them out and score points. The closer to the centre of the target, the higher the score… miss the target and you lose points. Once your ammo runs out the game is over and you are presented with the stats for that game and the option to enter your score and share it with the world. 

As well as the regular targets the game features score multipliers, ammo boxes and letter bonuses, requiring you to spell EXTRA to gain more ammo. If you score high enough you will be rewarded with a prize, which can be viewed in the prize menu. You can’t really do anything with the prizes, they are just there as an incentive to play on and collect them all. Beyond the core game there is also a time trail mode, where you have 2 minutes to shoot as many targets as possible and gain a high score.

iShooting gallery is a fun little party game with colourful 2D graphics and features some comical sound effects. The game isn’t very deep, and the $2.99 price tag is a little high when compared to other game experiencees you can get on the appstore for the same price. But if you want a quick and simple shooter to waste a few minutes here and there, then iShooting gallery won’t disappoint.

Presentation & Graphics: 6

Don’t expect a rich graphical experience. But for what the game is, the graphics are crisp, bright, and nicely presented…recreating that carnival/fun fair vibe.  


Sound: 6

The sound effects are funny, including individual hit sounds for the various objects such as a quack for the ducks, pops for balloons, and squeeks for the bats. 

Gameplay: 5

Very simple tap to shoot controls. Apart from needing good reflexes there isn’t much skill involved. But it is a fun diversion and can get hectic on the hard difficulty, just don’t expect a deep experience.

Game life:  5

There are online leaderboards to keep you coming back, and collecting the prizes gives an incentive for repeated plays. But beyond that it’s a shallow experience and won’t hold your attention for long.


Game rating: 5 (a high 5)

iShooting gallery would be better served as part of a package of carnival games instead of being released individually, At $2.99 the price is too high for what you get, and should be offered at $0.99 or even free.

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  • LBW

    $0.99 or even free? WHAT? That’s bullshit! You can’t get games like this for free. Bad games are free, better games are cheap and good games like this one cost. I don’t think the prize is expensive. Not that all! The game is really really cool! I like it big time.