Isaac Newton’s Gravity review

Newton is one of those geniuses that discovered something that was always there: gravity. If he hadn’t we would still have apples falling, planes flying and balls dropped. Of course someone would eventually have induced that all apples fall according to the law of gravity. But now it was Newton that did it, and he was a clever man doing some mean mathematics. Now his apple to the head antics have turned into a physics puzzler for your iPhone.

All levels in Isaac Newton’s Gravity share the same common goal: use gravity to get an object to hit a red button. Levels get progressively harder, and add more and more objects to play around with. When you think that you got it covered just press the play button to start the level. Either a ball or a cart with wheels emerge, and travel with a limited force. The game feels realistic in how it handles physics, and it never feels over the top. Rather the opposite where small force equals small results. Much like the law states:

img_0345“Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation states that every massive particle in the universe attracts every other massive particle with a force which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.”

The controls are kind of clunky and takes a lot of patience even after hours of playing around with them. Touch a menu to get access to the different objects for the level. Drag to place, and use the cogwheel surrounding the object to rotate. Small movements are hard as the game often interprets it as a rotation instead of a movement. Furthermore objects are hard to get into cramped positions, and at times they spazz out completely. With a lot of patience levels can be completed, but I would like to see the controls tightened up in future updates.

img_0336The presentation is good with abstract art in the background, and easy to see level layouts. Isaac Newton hovers around at times giving tips, and I think more could be done with this. Mr Newton feels like a pixie or a small sidekick instead of the headlining hero. I can’t help comparing Mr Newton’s role versus that of Piet Mondrian in Mondrian. Mondrian is key to understanding, and to get the most of the game whereas Isaac Newton could be removed without hampering the game in any way.

I like the music a lot as it has got a kind of ambient classical vibe to it. The game fades out my music upon starting it, but instead gives in-game access to my iPod library. The sound effects are sparse but definitely ok for the genre.

img_034650 levels take quite a lot of time to beat, and you can’t skip more than one level at a time. If completely stuck you can buy hints from Isaac Newton helping you with placement of a couple of objects at a time. A level editor is included if you feel inclined to torture yourself or  your friends with some gravity problems to solve. These can be shared by means of Bluetooth. Gamelife is also enhanced by Facebook connectivity and in-game achievements.

I have had a fun and frustrating time with Isaac Newton’s Gravity. Sadly the frustration has come from clunky controls more than from the challenges presented. Completing a level is really rewarding, and getting through all 50 levels give hours of fun. Namco promises 50 new levels in the next update that adds even more value.

Final Rating


Isaac Newton’s Gravity $3.99
Version: 1.0.1
Seller: Namco Networks America

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