iRoach review

Mosquitoes are the most prominent annoyance here in Sweden during summers. Thankfully those just make a little black mess when you smack them, unlike the roaches and flies found in other parts of the world. Now I get the opportunity to smack, kill and destroy your critters in iRoach – Kill’em all.

iRoach is a simple casual action game letting you kill as many bugs as you possibly can in two minutes time. Just tap the roach or fly to kill it. Some bugs take two and even three taps to kill. The graphics is really cool with some really gooey dead bugs on the wood floor. Dead bugs disappear quite rapidly from the screen. I would have liked to have the entire floor covered in them at the end.

img_0596When you kill a bug you get points according to the size of your prey. If you miss completely you get minus two points. I have tried a bunch of these whack and smack games, and iRoach is the one demanding the quickest reaction times.

There is a little happy jingle playing through the menus but while playing you only get the sound effects. The clicking movement of roaches, buzzing of flies and strange sounds of anguish the bugs let out when you kill them fill your ears. I feel uneasy at hearing scurrying bugs, and I guess that is a good sign of developer Suponix succeeding in the sound department.

iRoach is all about high scores, and features an online global leaderboard letting you compare your murderous talent of bug smacking. A session takes two minutes, and there is no way to extend the time. Actually two minutes is too long to keep the level of attention and interest the game demands. I have let some friends try it, and the consensus is that one minute is enough. People rather play one minute twice than two minutes once.

img_0597Gamelife is limited with just one game mode set at such a high pace that you probably won’t want to play it for maximum ten minutes at a time. Then the question is if you will play it again if it felt uncomfortable playing the last time.

The Good
Cool slimy graphics.
Great sound effects.
Online leaderboard.
Touch controls register taps well.

The Bad
Two minute games are too long.
No music while playing.
Dead bugs fade away too quickly.
Only one game mode.
Nothing to achieve or unlock.
Only one background.

Final Rating

As a novelty game iRoach might be something to keep on your iPhone but I doubt it you will play it except when showing to friends. Takes too much stamina to keep the level of focus required during the two-minute onslaughts. If you feel inclined to train your finger speed, and have a passionate hate for bugs iRoach might suit you.

iRoach – Kill’em all $0.99 introductory sale

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    there are better games out there like this for free.

  • Andrew

    I played this game – I really liked it! I hate insects, and was glad to slaughter them all:) Great game for fun pastime.