iRequiem review

Take all you know from every horror movie ever made, mix it with some goofy voice acting, pounding music and all the blood you can stomach. It might sound like an interesting premise, but sadly iRequiem falls flat due to poor controls and actually taking itself to serious.

I have been following the development of iRequiem, and had quite high hopes for it being a better side viewed shooter than Zombieville USA, OMG Pirates! and Inkvaders. What it lacks compared to other games in the genre is tight controls, and moves suitable to the action. There is no way to block, duck or jump to avoid enemy projectiles. You only get to walk to the left or the right, and beside that there are only buttons for ranged or melee attacks available. Too often the right/left movement arrows fail to respond, and I keep attacking the wrong direction.

img_2035The story mode gives you an awkward way of progressing. Instead of walking from left to right to actually reach something you have to kill a set number of enemies to open the next level. Walking back, and forth across the same limited area grows boring quickly. Sure new enemies, and new magical powers are introduced to spice things up. Between levels you get to buy new gear, and spells from your friend in hell.

Survival mode is an endless barrage of enemies, and you have to play story mode to unlock the four different levels of difficulty. This mode might have been fun given better controls, and some way to avoid enemy projectiles. As it is now survival feels more like a long test of endurance rather than skill.
I enjoy the pounding metal soundtrack quite a lot, and to be frank that is the best part of the game. The repeating one-liners might have been voiced by a good actor, but they feel out of place and mistimed. I would rather have had some cool roars or something instead of the protagonist trying to be like Ash in Evil Dead.

img_2044The individual aspects of the graphics are good, but somehow they don’t mix well. The protagonist, as well as all enemies and other moving vehicles and animals feel plastered on. The backgrounds look amazing, but to me the failure of making the presentation cohesive makes it feel a lot like a game made using a rudimentary game program. Blood, and guts left by dead enemies feels smudged on my screen instead of beneath the feet of the gun wielding avatar in the game.

I am a big fan of killing monsters, a hell setting and horror themes in general: the more blood and guts the better. Sadly iRequiem fails to get my pulse going mainly because the controls are poor, and there are no cool moves to master. An endless mashing of buttons in a confined space simply isn’t that fun.

Final Rating


iRequiem $1.99
Version: 1.0
Seller: Robert Siladji/Rapid Turtle Games

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  • Maxboy

    This GAME IS AWESOME man, I realy like it! But your REVIEW SUCKS!

  • Austin