iQuarterback Quick Review

If you’re looking for a nice looking distraction while you’re watching football, iQuarterback should prove to be fun in short bursts. It certainly looks good, and controls well. The only problem is that there’s nothing more besides throwing footballs at a target. This game, if turned into a full football game, would be awesome! I’m not sure if the engine could hold up with 21 more players on the field, but the quality of the graphics really makes me wish this was the case.

Presentation & Graphics
quarterback1Very slick menus, and more importantly, a great looking field and quarterback animations. Very smooth.

Sound works well enough, but isn’t amazing. Menu music is annoying

Controls are very good, with you holding your finger down to increase distance of throw while moving your finger to choose the direction. This works well, since you can hold your finger on the bottom of the screen, which means it won’t be in the way of the playing field. Unfortunately, there’s no variety other than hitting targets… not even a mode to throw to maybe, and actual person!?

There’s a leader board, but that’s about it. 3 difficulty levels, with almost no variation otherwise.

Game Rating

iQuarterback certainly looks nice, and controls well, but simply doesn’t have enough content to stay entertaining for longer than a few minutes at a time. Still, with an online leaderboard, it’s not a bad time waster. Would be nice to see more than just throwing a football at a target. Would also like to see this engine used for a full on football game! :)

iQuarterback – $.99

UPDATE: The developer just emailed me to inform us that there’s a big 2.0 update coming out soon that will include 3 new game modes, 50 achievements, better graphics, and some other changes to the leaderboards! This will certainly boost the value of the game, and can definitely be considered if you’re thinking about picking it up!

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  • Rock $ Rolla

    Looks ok