iPolygon review

iPolygon is a game utilizing the accelerometer to control a ball inside a geometric shape. Your mission is to break the sides of the shape your ball bounces around. To do that you have to turn the ball all spiky by steering it into a power up. You control the geometric shape by turning your iPhone 360 degrees. It takes some swift iPhone movements when you progress to harder and harder levels. Once all but one side is destroyed you progress to the next level.

img_0825There are three game modes: marathon increases the number of sides to the geometric shape for each level, fat that makes the sides thicker for each level thus shrinking the play area, and finally remixed mode that is a combination of marathon and fat.

Once you get the hang of it, and surrender to looking completely silly waving your expensive iPhone around you will have a really good time with iPolygon. The controls work really well, and the only time you use touch is to pause.

Presentation and graphics

Black background and single coloured shapes makes the graphics a bit too simple. It is functional though, and when playing you won’t care that much about the lack of background.


No music and quite annoying bleepy sound effects. You can play your own music together with the sound effects which raises the rating.

Game play

Controls that feel just right for the game, and it is up to your agility whether you succeed or not.

Game life

Local high score is all you got to prolong the game life. I still think this is a game that will have a place on your device because of the great controls.

Final rating



iPolygon is an example of a good game with a focus on actual game play instead of fancy graphics and sound. Of course it would have benefited from having better production values and online leader boards. Still definitely worth the asking price, but if you feel hesitant take some time trying out the lite version.

iPolygon $0.99

iPolygon Lite

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