iPingpong 3D Quick Review

iPingpong 3d pulls off a surprisingly fun game experience with it’s smooth 3D graphics and intuitive touch control. The game is just 99 cents, and includes a practice mode, quickplay, tournament, and wifi-multiplayer. Honestly, any game that offers wifi multiplayer (that actually works!) for 99 cents is a steal, no matter what the quality of the game is. Luckily, iPingpong is slick and a lot of fun! You control your paddle using your finger, and depending on how you swipe the paddle, you can add spin to the ball. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

img_0016Presentation & Graphics
3D Graphics are very good and the engine is smooth. Not a lot of detail, and not a variety in the playing fields (only 1) though.

Nothing special, but not too bad.

Surprisingly easy to control, and quite satisfying when you get the hang of it.

Wifi multiplayer always boosts the life of a game. Unfortunately, other than a linear tournament system (beat one player, then play someone harder), there isn’t much variety. Also there are no goals are achievements to reach.

Game Rating
iPingpong delivers a solid Ping Pong experience that’s easy to play, and challenging at later levels. The addition of multiplayer is a great feature. There’s not a ton of content otherwise, but it’s the best Ping Pong game out there!

iPingpong 3D $.99

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    Cool. thanks for the review!