iPark It!: Quick Review

Do you find yourself having unbridled amounts of fun whilst parking your vehicle? Do you wish that once you have stepped out of your car that the joy of parking could be with you all day? Are you not old enough to legally drive and park a car and therefore are dying to try? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may just be the kind of person that would like to purchase iPark It.

The elephant in the room here is that few people actually enjoy parking, so right off the bat this game sounds like a simulation of one of the most aggravating parts of an average adult’s day. Of course we play these sorts of games with the pretense that video games can make just about anything fun. Cooking Mama, after all, is a massive success. Tragically it seems that parking a car may be one of those things that just naturally resists being made fun. That is what I came out of iPark it thinking, but I will let you be the judge.

iPark It is a parking simulator that pits the player against a time limit and a horrifically designed parking lot. Players must guide the car through the labyrinthine vehicle storage facility and into the glowing parking spot. The car used in iPark it uses the most baffling control system, as the player literally controls the car how one would control a boat. Push the lever forward to go forward, and backwards to do the opposite. On the right hand side of the screen is a steering wheel, which the player uses to steer towards countless crashes success. The controls become problematic when one quickly realizes that the amount of times the on screen wheel needs to be turned in order to successfully navigate the landscape is just too much to cope with at high speeds. This of course is where the game creates its challenge. Add to that the fact that the steering controls effectively reverse every time you turn an angle of 180 degrees and you realize that the only thing keeping you from breezing through the game is the difficulty derived from the controls.

This is where the kind of gamer you are comes in to play. If mastery of a tricky control scheme is enough to carry you through a game, then you may just like iPark It. The game does have leaderboards to appease those who end up getting into the control system. Players that would rather think about the content of the game as opposed to the controls will probably become frustrated with iPark It before reaching the tenth level. There is also the off chance that you are a parking enthusiast, in which case I would suggest seeking some sort of professional help.

iparkit2The game is very short, and could easily be completed in one quick sitting. Crashes occur all the time and each crash takes away one life;  running out of lives means one gets booted to the home screen. I quickly became annoyed with having to constantly navigate back to the game.  iPark It also apparently refuses to remember that I have told it not to use my current location, and prompts me to allow it to do so upon each boot up.  One also gets to see advertisements for other games upon booting up iPark It, and I thought that to be worth mentioning because some people ardently oppose advertisements in apps.

Unfortunately there is no lite version available, so those interested in iPark It will have to fork over the 99 cents.

Final Score


In the end iPark It simply wasn’t my cup of tea, but I can imagine that some small amount of users will sincerely enjoy mastering the quirky controls.

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