iPad gets a speedy update

As well as announcing the iPad Mini, Apple updates the iPad…

We all knew that the iPad would get an update. But, in what way? Most presumed it would be a tweaked iPad 3 with lightning support and better heat performance. It was rumoured it may get a speed update to match that of the iPhone 5. However, we assumed that would come in a bigger update next year. Well, now it looks like the release date for iPads will now come at the end of each year as opposed to the beginning, as Apple have not only updated the new iPad, but released what they call the fourth generation.

Lightning support is included of course, but the main news is that it has indeed been updated to the A6 processor, but not the version seen in the iPhone 5. No, like the iPad’s A5 processor before it, this carries the extra X. The A6x is now twice the speed of the A5x and twice the graphics power (Quad Core). For iOS gamers of course, this means games have the potential to look even better, and possibly with advanced effects beyond that of the iPhone 5.

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  • DeInit

    Do we know it has quad core graphics? Was it on keynote infographics? They rushed past the announcement so fast, I couldn’t read that. Even they were embarassed by how unfair to iPad 3 users this refresh was.