iOOTP Baseball 2012 Edition review

The premium baseball manager simulation is back for a yearly update.

iOOTP Baseball 2012 Edition is a beefier game compared to the 2011 edition. Despite the added player histories, historical scenarios and a deep pitch-by-pitch micro manager mode the game is snappier, and quicker. Overall it feels like the game has been upgraded in almost all departments. It is still a text simulation where reading numbers, and stats have to be in your interest. You never pitch or bat, and the closest you get to field strategy is the order of players to pitch. Still the game is truly exciting once you get into it, and you start to see how your strategies affect the outcome.

To those only interested in simulating a series without taking active part that is of course also possible. The AI can to a proper job if ordered to set the team up for best performance. You can simulate games, days and weeks and it is more or less instant. This speed is great if you want to get an image of how the season will play itself out. The pitch-by-pitch mode on the other hand gives you a slower pace, and all the information is feed through the commentaries as written text.

The presentation is sharp with easy to read fonts, and properly sized texts and numbers. No matter if I play it on the iPhone, or the iPad I have no trouble reading the text. I do prefer to play it on the go with the smaller device though.

There is still no music, or sound effects in the game. This might bother some consumers, but I would still have preferred my own music as this is a real time sink of a game.

iOOTP Baseball 2012 Edition improves upon almost all aspects of the game, and improves the speed remarkably. If you have the time to kill there is literally hundreds of hours of baseball management if you get into this, and buy past seasons using iAP. Highly recommended to the baseball, and management fan.

Final Rating


iOOTP Baseball 2012 Edition $4.99 Universal for iPad/iPhone/iPod
Version: 1.0.0
Seller: Out of the Park Developments

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